Birth chart : Suggestion for the Studies (2)

Your birth chart (natal chart) should be used for study purposes in every step.

They can be copied into small pieces, to complement the studies in every step. (“Every step” is emphasized.)

(The calculation of the natal chart and the ascendant” in the last chapter of this textbook.)

Birth chart : Suggestion for the Studies (2) – Continue

2. The steps

At the start, each zodiac sign should be pronounced, to become familiarized with all of the 12 zodiac signs.

Additionally, your birth chart (natal chart) can be used as a complementary tool, to help with memorization.

You may point your finger at each zodiac accordingly.

This process may take several days to complete and may require repetitions, until the names and their locations can all be memorized.

They are basic principles that will most often be used. 

From there the names and the numbers of the planets has to be memorized.

Check in the birth chart, which numbers and planets are in each house.

Check all the 10 planets and note them down separately. (The primary meanings of the planets can be memorized first.)

For the Bhavas, they have to be memorized as well by pronouncing all of the 12 Bhavas until they are all memorized.

On the other hand, the starting house that you should point your finger at has to be the one following the book.

This step will be more complicated (Noting it is also more complicated.)

Concerning the dignities of the planets, they have to be checked in your natal chart.

Compare each of them together dignity by dignity, until all 10 planets are involved.

Consider what dignity a planet has, what name it has, which house or Bhava it is in. Note them down in every step.

At the beginning, it may feel troublesome but when you have the expertise, it will become easier and more natural.

The next steps will require you to do similar things.

When you reach a certain page or a certain topic, you will have to look back to your birth chart as a reference every time.

For the dignities of the planets, the positions of “domicile dignity” have to be remembered first, since they will be used most often.

Other dignities will not be necessary to remember just yet.

They can be memorized after the foretelling session, or after the completion of the study, since other matters are more important and contains more detail than them.

When the step of foretelling the original horoscope has been reached, all the knowledge that has been studied, memorized as well as taken notes will be considered altogether.

(But each one accordingly)

When this step is over it is considered quite a success already. Other details in the following chapters, will be more sophisticated and complex, which will require a higher level of proficiency.

When reaching the steps of foretelling the original horoscope, and your horoscope has also been exemplified, evaluate the accuracy and your understanding.

Note down the parts that are not yet clarified as observations.

The latter chapters from now on will extend and answer all these questions, so they may become more clear to you.  

After using your horoscope as a study example, until you have understood Thai Astrology subject with logical reasoning to a certain degree.

The next thing is to move on to the birth charts of close relatives such as husband/wife, children, nephew, and friends to further develop your skills and see more variations.

They will lead to increased understanding and more confidence in your abilities. 

At the same time, the study should continue on to the next chapters, until finish because there will be a chapter that extends the meanings of the planets, etc.

Foretelling the transiting planets based on study, examples including question and answer sessions are all gathered significantly.

Besides, the meanings of the planets and different principles that have been mentioned in this textbook, are extremely complex.

Try to remember them as much as possible, since they will become unlimitedly useful and applicable later on.

After the basics are correctly understood, the studies can be continued accordingly.

Suggestion for the Studies

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