Suggestion for the Studies

Suggestion for the Studies Astrology Thai Logical Style

(Thai Astrology with Logical Reasoning)

In general, studying Thai Astrology usually takes a long time, probably several years or the rest of the lifetime.

Though, this will still not cover all the contents since there are many textbooks that have different methodologies.

There are few people who possess a deep understanding.

However, my “Astrology Thai Logical Style” has completely excluded different methodologies including conditions, exceptions, and other unnecessary or unclear parts.

The remaining contents are all relevant and also have clear meanings. They are gathered just in this textbook only.

The original horoscope, the transiting horoscope, study cases, and question and answer sessions are included.

Though the time requires to master these subjects is considerable since they are complex and profound.

When they are understood and the main principles are memorized it becomes much easier since looking for the condition and exceptions in the textbook will not be required.

Only one mobile phone with an internet connection for calculating the natal chart and the ascendant will be enough for fortunetelling.

Do not forget that studying Astrology is also a skill training that requires a significant amount of time to gain enough expertise.

When the reader possesses the expertise it will become uniquely personalized. It will also remain as a lifetime skill.

The more experience gained the more prominent the skills will become.

This is considered very useful as a career path or making a name for oneself.

From now on, suggestions and the studying methods according to this subject will be given to correctly follow them.

This will make it easier for the learner to understand and memorize without being lost.

It is steady and successive skill training.

The methodologies are applied from the direct experience of the author as well as the experience from teaching groups of students as follows.

Suggestion general principles.-

  1. General principles and methodologies

To study this subject, keep your mind neutral and abandon all the beliefs or dis-beliefs that you have first, including any bias.

When studying the methodologies of this subject, do not include other methodologies from other textbooks.

The reason is that it will become comparable to a situation when you are stuck inside a loop that neither has any exit nor conclusion.

  Have faith in these methodologies and finish the study by using your horoscope for learning purposes.

Suggestion that: Prove it by yourself and after that you may return to the old methodologies or mix them with the new ones. This will be up to each native. There is no objection at all.

Reading and studying should follow the steps. Do not go over them and do not become doubtful beforehand.

Try to understand only the actual things you are studying.

There are only some parts and contents that have to be remembered. They will be emphasized accordingly.

Reading and studying in the basic principles will be “understood and remembered” piece by piece.

Specifically, only the topic that is being read or study should be focused on.

Afterward, they will all be combined and mixed during the predicting session.

This will become easy when these parts are well “understood and remembered”.

The next steps will also become easy although they will be somewhat more complicated.

Reading and studying should take considerable time for the brain or the memory to adjust.

It should not be rushed since the brain may become exhausted or too stressed.

Therefore, it is not recommended to memorize everything at once.

          A practical method that is always recommended is “try not to memorize” but instead “repeat when forgotten”.

They can be repeated until the brain can memorize by itself. Later on, they will all be memorized without being forgotten.

The textbook should be nearby. Every time there is a curiosity, it can be read a little until you get bored.

Do this everyday when time allows. The reading should continue forward and when you are exhausted it should be stopped.

When you start reading again, you should start by repeating things that are forgotten. From there you may continue on.

This is a repetition of former things as well as continuing forward little by little without forcing memorization. (Understanding is more emphasized.)

The studying steps may take several months to complete. (There was a person who could make it within 15 days to reach the transiting horoscope chapter.)

I would like to guarantee that you will gain the benefits spontaneously since it is a career skill and proficiency training that requires a certain amount of time to complete as already mentioned.

In comparison with myself that has spent over twenty years to understand, it is considered very quick already.

Meanwhile, even a whole lifetime may not be enough to totally understand some subjects. ( Follow the next chapter )

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