Bhava.-The meanings (4)

The meanings of Bhava in Thai astrology.

        Bhava .- is called “natal houses” ( เรือนชาตา  in Thai.)  There are 12 houses or 12 Bhava.

The house positions are not fixed. They are dependent on each individual’s ascendant position.

( Ascendant is where the calculation starts and represents the individual.)  

      After calculating the natal chart and the ascendant is put in the right place. Then we presume that 1st house is the house where the ascendant is in.

Then we start counting to the left ( counterclockwise ) accordingly. There are names and meanings for each house ( Bhava ).

(As the picture above depicts, assuming that the ascendant is in Capricorn, we will start counting it as 1st house. That is to say the house of Tanu.

The representative symbol “ล”  is written down on the natal chart within the 1st house’s space.)  

Start at 1st Bhava.

          1st house of Tanu ( ตนุ ) means self, in other words The individual’s self. It reflects habits, behaviors and manners etc.

          2nd house of Kadhumpa ( กฎุมพะ) means wealth, in other words, the individual’s economy.  

          3rd house of Sahajjha (สหัชชะ) means born together such as friends, close friends, siblings and also short distance travelling.

          4th house of Bandhu (พันธุ) means conjoint, in other words things connected to the self during birth period, for example parents and close relatives.  

          5th house of Putta (ปุตตะ) means drinking and joy such as children, grandchildren, followers, recreational places, new things.  

          6th house of Ari (อริ) means enemy, in other words, unsatisfaction, obstacles, malice, disease.

         7th house of Patni (ปัตนิ) means the opposite such as spouse, partner, opposite sex, opposite party in lawsuit, other party in signing business contract.

         8th house of Marana (มรณะ) means death, in other words exhaustion, loss, inheritance, testament, transformation. 

         9th house of Shubha (ศุภะ) means grace, in other words happiness, peace, journey, livelihood. 

        10th house of Karma (กัมมะ) means work, in other words career, hobby.

        11th house of Labha (ลาภะ) means earnings, in other words acquiring unexpected things, acquiring things with ease.  

12th Bhava.

        Bhava 12 Vinashana (วินาสน์, วินาศ) means disaster, in other words departure, disappearance, far away, imprisonment. 

     There are more houses’ meanings than those mentioned above.

But not all of them are necessary. Only the primary meanings are utilized.

  Among Ari, Marana and Vinashana, Marana has to be considered the most critical.

Since the losses are without any compensation. ( However, in the case of a ruling planet from Marana is in Kadhumpa, it means gaining something from a loss or receiving inheritance.)

As for Ari, it just means displease or encounter obstacles.

Vinashana just represents coming to an end, departure or living far away loss without being in vain. Some compensations are still possible.

   According to the above picture which assumes that the ascendant ( ล ) is in Capricorn. Therefore Tanu (1st house) is in Capricorn.

Then consider that 2nd house Kadhumpa is in Aquarius. 3rd house Sahajja is in Pisces and so on.

 If the ascendant ( ล ) is in another zodiac sign then we have to consider it as the 1st house and counting clockwise until all 12 houses are covered.

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