Planetary power

Planetary power of a planet (3)

Planetary power poem

The Sun 6, The moon 15 Strong value. Mars 8, Mercury 17 growing powerful.

Jupiter the reliable Guru, 19 is suitable. Prestigious Venus 21 is successful.

Since Saturn 10 stays away. Rahu raises up 12 along the way.

Ordinary grade Ketu and 9 is a harmonious way..

( Used for making merit, calculating an auspicious time and creating a Buddha image purposes )

The planets travelling across a zodiac poem.

Planetary power during transition within an era.

The Moon transits after two and a half days.
After one month, Mercury, Venus and the Sun move away.

After one month and a half, Mars disappears.
Two months passed, Ketu will travel away.

After one year now it’s time for the Jupiter. One year and a half passed by, Rahu therefore starts to move.

Two years and a half passed, Saturn therefore starts to go. Uranus dwells on its domain for seven years.

 (Used for foretelling transiting planets)

Forbiddances for fortune teller

Foretelling a catastrophic life events and deaths.

Foretelling a spouse’s relationship.

Foretelling a bad omen for babies.

These are all forbidden to foretell. 

(Code of ethics for a fortune teller)

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