Auspicious planet

Auspicious Planets and Inauspicious Planets (7)

Auspicious Planets.

– Namely The Moon (2), Mercury (4), Jupiter (5) and Venus (6) are considered benevolent and tend to focus on virtue (prestige).

  Inauspicious Planets.

– Namely The Sun (1), Mars (3), Saturn (7) and Rahu (8) are considered malevolent and tend to focus on supernatural (power).

         They can also be called evil element planets. (The Sun when correlates to the ascendant is also auspicious.)  

        They can also be called merit element planets. 

        All 10 planets can be divided into 2 categories according to their beneficial and harmful characteristics as above.

        The categorizations are just comprehensive basis and have no major influence on foretelling.  

Essential Dignities of the Planets.

          Dignities indicates that when a planet transits into a house it will be designated a ranking title.

         The essential dignity for each planet will have a different influence on different aspects. (Called “The dignity of the planet”)

          There are several dignities and each dignity has a title such as “Domicile”, “Detriment”, “Maha Chakra”, “Chula Chakra”,

“Exaltation”, “Debilitation”, “Pre-Exaltation”, “Post-Exaltation”, “Raja Yoga”, “Devi Yoga”. 

           In astrology, Domicile is the most important dignity (but not the best). Because it is often referred to where a planet has its rulership over.

(Used in foretelling as a reference for ruling planets or houses)

            It will be described later in detail.

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