Detriment (9)

         Detriment.- is called the enemy or the opposite of “Domicile” since it can be found on the opposite side.

         It is not beneficial and has the opposite influence of domicile. It implies ill-fated and degeneration.

         It is easy to remember detriment since it is just on the opposite side of domicile.

         If a planet has detriment dignity, then the meaning of the planet and the meaning of detriment should be combined.

         Detriment represents instability and scarceness. It usually indicates a gradual decline towards the bottom at last (comparable to a downward linear graph.)

         ** Notice that both Rahu (8) and Saturn (7) have detriment dignity in Leo.

           However, astrological programs usually do not show that Saturn (7) has detriment dignity in this house with no reason.

          Caution must be taken to avoid any mistakes.  

Detriment; it is not beneficial. But Exaltation implies prosperity.


          Exaltation dignity for each planet can be identified with the help of the picture above. (This is not a natal chart.)

        Exaltation represents the highest spot in the sky of a planet. The exalted planet has therefore powerful beneficial influence.

         There are degree intervals for each planet in some houses that are considered to be an “extreme exaltation”.

(Its intervals are very narrow and therefore are not often used because the percentage difference is uncertain.

           Furthermore, it is very easy to miscalculate since the birthplace and transition of the ascendant must be taken into account.)

         When a planet has “Exaltation” dignity the meaning of the planet and the meaning of Exaltation must be combined.

          Exaltation implies prosperity, abundance and popularity. (In terms of either image, talent or achievement)

        It bestows a strong and steady benefit. (Comparable to a horizontal linear graph with high or positive value) 

  ** Tips: to remember Exaltation dignity is to remember the zodiac image and these three number groups 2 1 6, 5 3, 4 7 8

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