Pre-Exaltation / Debilitation / (10)


Pre-exaltation – occurs when a planet transits into a house before the house that gives exaltation.

Exaltation is considered to be broadly beneficial so that it even gives a positive influence on the house before.

Although pre-exaltation is not as powerful as Exaltation it still gives a considerable beneficial impact.

(It is easy to remember that pre-exaltation is the house that is Vinashana to exaltation.) Its beneficial impact is roughly 60% of exaltation.

* Tips: to remember preExaltation is to remember the exaltation pattern since it is Vinashana to Exaltation.



Debilitation – is located on the opposite side of Exaltation.

Debilitation means low or minimum. When a planet possesses “debilitation” dignity the meaning of the planet and the meaning of debilitation should be combined.

Debilitation indicates inferiority, deterioration and rejection.

It indicates a non-crucial but regular negative impacts. (Comparable to a horizontal linear graph with low or negative value.)

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