Negative-Negative becomes positive (15)

Negative-Negative becomes positive and switching Domiciles. The rule in thai astrology.

   In case there are 2 planets in the natal chart that have domicile dignities but are in opposition to each other.

        Both of them will alter their dignities to detriment.

However, the dignities will start from being domicile and eventually become detriment. (Positive first and then decline to negative.)

This is comparable to a mathematical rule that minus and minus becomes plus, or plus and plus becomes minus.

(Domicile has a firm and steady but rather slow effect. The positive effect will take place after middle-age or old age.)

2 planets that have exaltation dignities and are in opposition to each other will alter their dignities to debilitation.

       2 planets that have detriment dignities and are in opposition to each other, will alter their dignities to domicile.

Negative influence will dominate first and will become positive influence later on.

On the other hand, 2 planets that have debilitation dignities and are in opposition will alter their dignities to exaltation.

However, exaltation gives a quick and intensive beneficial impact.

Therefore, the change will take effect faster or more sudden than domicile starting from positive and change to negative or vice versa.

        Two exalted planets that are in opposition may cause the native’s life to fall apart.

In other words, it may cause a significant downfall.

        Two debilitated planets that are in opposition will have a faster impact compared to two detrimental planets in opposition.

        This rule applies for domicile, detriment, exaltation and debilitation only.

It does not apply for Maha Chakra, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation, Raja Yoga and Devi Yoga.

         Tasha (ทักษา), Dej (เดช), Sri (ศรี) and Kalakinee (กาลกิณี) etc., should be ignored since they are outside the astrological scope.

         In case there are 2 planets that are in each other’s domicile. This is called exchanging domiciles.

         In this case, both 2 planets will alter their dignities to domicile.

However, it will be a second-rate domicile called “Sub-domicile”.( อนุเกษตร )”.

         It gives less beneficial impact than domicile and the beneficial impact takes place immediately after birth.

It can be considered as sub-domicile from the start.

Domicile (or own house) has a slow impact, sub-domicile may have an even slower impact.)

         A natal chart may contain several planet oppositions and exchanging Domiciles.

Each pair of planets must be considered separately, and the relation to the ascendant as well as the Bhavas must be checked.

          With regular practices the proficiency for these rules can be gained without too many thoughts on the matter.

          ** In case there are 3 planets that are exchanging their domiciles, some textbooks regard this as positive.

        However, there is neither enough information nor contradiction for this case. Therefore, it will not be emphasized.

Outer House Planets & Inner House Planets

        Outer House Planets.- are planets that are written down on the natal chart starting from number 1 to 0.

         They are actual planets that can be seen with the eyes. They are written down during the calculation of the natal chart and the ascendant.

          Inner House Planets – are planets that originates from domiciles, ruling planets or hidden domicile that are predetermined by the houses.

          They have their own fixed houses even though they are not written down on the natal chart.

Though they cannot be seen with our own eyes but they exist behind the scene and are hidden inside.

          In other words, they are inner house planets.

The hidden domicile must always be taken into consideration.

They are eminent and they are the ruling masters of the houses. (See the descriptions in domicile chapter).

         ** Horoscope represents life map that describes how a life will become, what kind of fate a native has and how much prosperous or downturn the life will be.

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