Prediction about the 9 major auspicious times (16)

Auspicious times in thai astrology.

        The constellations are divided into 27 groups. Each group can be wrapped up to 9 major constellations.

       Their meanings and usage are as follows:

        1) Beggar time (poverty) ( ทลิทโทฤกษ์ ). – Impoverishment, hardship, requester, used as an auspicious time for marriage proposal and collecting debt.

        2) Rich man time (wealth) (.มหัทธโนฤกษ์) – Even though it may be a struggle at the beginning it will become prosperous afterward.

Having assets, good for commerce, used as an auspicious time for anything.

        3) Robber time (bandit) ( โจโรฤกษ์ ) – Usually have a dangerous livelihood, going through hardships or struggling for a swift outcome.

Used as an auspicious time for assaulting an encampment or engaging an army.

        4) Land keeper time (territorial guard) ( ภูมิปาโลฤกษ์  ) -Preserving a country’s wealth, good for working with the officials, without lack of supporters.

Used as an auspicious time for building a house or establishing a city.

         5) Wanderer time (travel) ( เทศาตรีฤกษ์ ) – Usually make a living with uncertainty, good for making a living with long journeys.

Used as an auspicious time for opening a shop where people walk by.

         6) Queen time (royal lady) ( เทวีฤกษ์  )- Usually have a good partner that can be rely on .

Used as an auspicious time for anything.

         7) Killer time (executioner) ( เพชฌฆาตฤกษ์  ) – Usually have a cruel mind, fierce, good for making a living out of subjugation, good for working as an official.

Used as an auspicious time for assaulting an encampment, marching an army, repressing banditry, conjuring something.

         8) King time (king) ( ราชาฤกษ์  ) – Usually have a power of merit, favored by the boss, good for volunteering for a merit …

Used as an auspicious time for anything.

         9) Monk time (the calmer) ( สมโณฤกษ์  ) – Usually hard for making a living in case it is a layman, in case it is a priest or making a living out of religion and sanctity it will be favorable, lucky and comfortable.

It is a great auspicious time.

         ** In predicting the horoscope, after the ascendant has been calculated the zodiac house of the ascendant will be known at that time as well as its constellation (and time).

           The time will be used to predict about the career but it is just a broad guideline.

The main things that must be considered are the prominent planets in the natal chart that are beneficial and related to the ascendant.

Also, the Karma Bhava must be taken into account.

          When using the auspicious time, the upper and lower auspicious time as well as many more exceptions and details must be considered.

They must be studied separately.

           However, they do not have substantial influence on predicting including the birth chart and transiting planets.

Therefore, they will not be emphasized.

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