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     2. Which house Tanu-lak is staying, the one’s life would involve or emphasize on that particular house.

This will be another property of Tanu-lak to be considered as follows:

  – Tanu-lak or Inner house planet stays as a domicile with its own ascendant, he will consider himself the most important one. He will prioritize his own self over any other matters.  

 – Tanu-lak or Inner house planet sits on Kadhumpa, he will be busy with making money for his fortune.

 – If it exists on Sahajjha, he will be busy with his friends and having friends is the most important issue.

– Placing on Bandhu, he will always involve with business of kinsmen, family or relatives.         

– If it goes to Putta, the native will always entail with his followers, subordinates, children or new things.

– For staying in Patni house, he will involve with the business of his spouse, partner, business partner or the opposite sex.

He will prioritize a spouse relationship over other issues.

– For staying in Patni house, he will involve with the business of his spouse, partner, business partner or the opposite sex.

He will prioritize a spouse relationship over other issues.

   Also, the planet will always be a detriment, that means he will be inferior or a burden to his spouse or his business partner too.

Being at Marana house

-Being at Marana house, it would be concerned with death or loss (such as insurance, liability estimation, heritage, etc.)

In the other hand, it means that a part of his horoscope will be on Marana house.

That causes vulnerability as we call it a “fragile horoscope”.

Because if strong dignity planet falls into Marana house, bad events might easily occur. It will be like a hard but fragile horoscope.

Staying at Subha house, he loves living in peace, in simple happiness or involve with a long journey.

Staying at Karma house, he will be busy with working. If it is Mars (3), he could be a workaholic.

(Karma house is always not related to ascendant, so normally he is not a diligent person. But if he starts working, he will be very diligent.

Going to Labha house, his life would have an easy gain or getting a profit without proper investment.

If Jupiter’s (5) dignity is bad or it is not related to an ascendant or it is not Tanu-sed, he might be a bit greedy for a small profit.

Sitting at Vinashana house, he would like to be alone, be solitary. When he is doing, he might quit it abruptly.

  ** Fragile horoscope is not too scary.

Case examples –

There is a case that a Capricorn person without any conjunction planet, his Tanu-lak is a detriment Saturn (7) in Marana house.

His life was normal; he likes to play sports. All of a sudden he had a heart problem and emergency surgery when he was 60 years old.

He finally survived. But if his Tanu-lak is Mars (3) which is also a health planet and if there is Uranus (0) related to this planet, it will be more worrisome.

Since it will cause a lifetime health problem and it could become serious at any time.

       3. If Tanu-lak is conjoined in the same zodiac sign with any planet, it will receive that planet’s dignity or involve with that planet.

  It will be affected no matter how many planets they are or which house they stay or whether they are hostile planets or not.

  It is an important dignity of Tanu-lak. For example:

    An Aries-ascendant native has Mars (3) as Tanu-lak or Inner house planet staying on Bandhu house (as debilitated in Cancer) which is not related to an ascendant.

     He has detriment Saturn (7) conjunct in this house (Bandhu).

Normally, if Saturn is detriment and not related to ascendant, he will not be thoughtful, even a hasty person.

     But in the case that Tanu-lak or Inner house planet is conjunct (with Saturn) like this, he become over-thoughtful, too distracted according to the dignity of detriment Saturn.

    Also, if in this case there is exalted Jupiter (5) sitting there, the native will be very ethical and optimistic and he would love to be close with seniors, priests or some masters according to Jupiter’s (5) meaning.

    This position of Jupiter is not related to an ascendant, so it does not benefit this person.

Even though he loves to be close with them, they will not give him any big favor. They just ask him to work for them.

        – A Sagittarius-ascendant native has Jupiter (5) as Tanu-lak or Inner house planet existing in Labha house (backward sextile) as a dignity of Devi Yoga.

He has Rahu (8) as a pre-exalted planet conjunct with Jupiter. Rahu (8) alone is more powerful than Jupiter.

         Since they are conjunct in the same sign, Tanu-lak’s habit becomes closer to Rahu (8). He was rather a cheating person.

His Labha house makes him loves to cheat for an easy gain.

We should notice that a planet that aspect Tanu-lak could also affect its dignity too.

 As the same as the case of conjunction, but the percentage will be less. For sextile and trine, it will be respectively less and less.

  ** Conclusively –

  Tanu-lak or Inner house planet is very important because it has to be considered for 3 steps to have a comprehensive and precise interpretation.

  Moreover, adding Tanu-sed, it will be clearer. This principle has been collected and researched. I think it is very important and accurate.

  So, I wrote it again and editing some incomplete section. I am always ready to correct it if there is more information or observation.

** For Tanu-sed and Tanu-lak, they are crucial basics to remember.

  In this step, if you do not understand or getting confused, please pass it for now.

When you reached the interpretation step, you will understand it better. If not, you could come back to study it again.

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