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Original horoscope prediction

         The original horoscope is a personal background of birth horoscope to portray the living and the future.

          By checking with a chart and an ascendant we have made, it will show 10 planets’ positions at birth and a zodiac sign of an ascendant,

(that zodiac sign an ascendant is sitting on will be a house of Tanu which will involve that person’s characteristics.)

          It will tell us what auspicious time is the birth time, which planet is Tanu-sed, etc.

For the beginner, I recommend to use your own natal chart as a tool to study, because you will understand it better and can compare the knowledge with real events.

          Who does not truly understand his own horoscope, it means he does not understand astrology.

          The prediction will start with important 3 steps as follows:

      Original horoscope : 1. Planetary analysis step

        This step is the data collection of checking all 10 planets in the chart.

We have to check which planet is in what zodiac sign, how is its dignity, what is their relationship between each other.

Whether they are in conjunction, oppose, sextile, trine, or in friendly, elementary, kindred or enmity pair?

         Whether the element in zodiac improve or decrease a planetary dignity? Is there any switching of their own house?

That would be all basic knowledge that you have learned so far, to use in this step.

          After that, we have to analyze all 10 planets’ dignity that how they are improving or deteriorating, what are their original dignity, what are the results.

We have to complete this analysis step and have to remember their theories.

          For example, if they are both detriment, after opposing each other they would become both Domicile (in their own house).

We have to remember both original dignity status and later-changing results.

         Since the planet analysis and interpretation steps would need those 2 factors.

(It is Thai astrology’s complexity and delicacy. Interpreting these steps will generate unbelievably accurate forecast.)

          ** The improving and deteriorating of planetary dignity analysis, will be shown in many places in this book because it has a lot of details.

(One of them is at the end of this chapter, in House of Tanu’s interpretation.)

         Original horoscope : 2. Ascendant’s verification step  

          An actual prediction must be started every time with this step for an unchecked or an uncertain horoscope.

Since if the ascendant is incorrect, everything will be wrong or inaccurate.

          Although we are aware of a certain time of birth, we will move an ascendant forward or backward for 1 zodiac sign, if we considered it incorrect with his characteristics.

         We do not use the technique of double horoscope or any exception.

(Sometimes the planetary dignity and relationship might be similar for both zodiac signs.

But if an ascendant is on different zodiac sign, it must be differentiated in details. They cannot be identical. An astrology student must understand this point.)

       For the case of predicting a horoscope of other person, there must be an observation of that person’s (called”The native”) characteristics or manner.

There must be a conversation of questioning on some issues to have an initial information for validation and accurate prediction.

      The native has to be relatively cooperative as a patient to his doctor’s diagnosis.

If he is not, the diagnosis would be difficult or impossible causing an error. (In some cases,) some uncooperative patient should be sent to veterinarian who does not need to ask a question about symptom.

        An uncooperative native or a prediction without meeting in person is not usual for astrologers.

Since the chance of an error is very high, unless it is paid for a prediction or a time-fee charge.

If it is incorrect, there will be a new prediction with a new charge.

      Original horoscope : for kids or a young person

We must not forget that an ascendant’s verification will be very difficult for kids or a young person.

       The person who rather does not have any important event occurred in life, or does not have an outstanding characteristics or habits.

An ascendant’s verification could be inaccurate even though we know an exact time of birth in minutes or seconds.

In an ancient time, there will be a restriction not to predict an infant’s horoscope because of this matter and they do not want to create a bias with a child.

       If parents think his horoscope is good, they will spoil him. If it is bad, they will be to strict and it will destroy the child.

The child’s destiny would change. (by a child himself + environment.)

         An ascendant’s verification is considered the start of the prediction. It is a basic prediction of understanding a main content.

It is like to scout for an enemy’s camp and for the terrain.

         When we are certain of an ascendant, we can predict one part already.

Those remaining parts will be following and will be accurate. We shall be confident on forecasting of what to come.

          An ascendant’s verification is a prediction of basic horoscope as a general validation and is for a native that we do not know the exact time of birth.

        When we have acquired an ascendant after a calculation or from an initial assumption, we start to make a prediction.

After each prediction match with the fact, we will be more confident.

Original horoscope : a prediction’s core

If we still have a doubt on that ascendant, it is considered not to be final and have to continue the validation.

We can see that this step is very important and necessary. It is a prediction’s core.

          Actually, an ascendant’s verification will require an expertise. It is very crucial to check and consider it every time of our prediction.

        So I have to mention it first, and if you still do not understand it, please skip it for this time.

After you have studied and understood each prediction item, then please come back.

        Steps for an ascendant’s verification are as follows:

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