Mars (3);1st House prediction (30)

        Mars (3) with good dignity (as a domicile, exaltation, pre-exaltation, Maha Chakra, Raja Yoga, etc.) or normal dignity.

He will be diligent, stubborn, hot-headed, brave, daring (in a reasonable way), and a strict rationalist.

He will be logical, openly straightforward, frank, rash and blunt. He is always willing to be exploited by other people.

He has skills in way of a craftsman, a warrior, a fighter, an adventurer, a soldier or a police.

His horoscope will be strong, easy to be successful.

        We expand a meaning by adding in a planet’s dignity. For example, it is a Domicile, his life will be successful in a gradual, stable way.

       If it is exalted, his life will be popularly successful (by his work or his character) and will be in high steady status.

For Maha Chakra, his life will be successful in an extraordinary way.

      Mars (3) is bad

(detriment, Domicile, debilitated), he will be irrationally diligent, too diligent or too lazy.

He might be soft or wildly stubborn. His horoscope is weak; he has to work very hard to be successful.

For detriment, later in his life, his fortune will be deteriorating, the longer it takes it will be the worse.

For debilitation, it will be constantly deteriorating. (But it will not be too critical if other planets or houses are good.   We could not judge a fortune by one planet, either by its good or bad dignity.)

       * For Mercury (4) with good or normal dignity, he will be talkative, it is obvious that he could not stop talking. (Conjoining with ascendant is external characteristics.)

         He will be elaborate, he likes information and textual works. (internal characteristics) He is usually good in studying.

But if Mercury (4) is bad, he will be non-stop talkative in a style of delusion, improper manner.

Sometimes, he will not talk much, too-elaborate in details or bossy or even does not talk at all.

(Whether his horoscope will be strong or weak or will he be successful, it is identical to a case of aforementioned Sun (1), Moon (2), and Mars (3) because they are in conjunction with an ascendant.)

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