Considering horoscope’s strength (36)

Considering horoscope’s strength; it is very crucial for both in natal chart or movable chart.

 If it is strong, he should be successful, safe, able to survive. If it is not, he would always fail, his life will be usual.

He must overcome many obstacles, hardship to success in life.

      Whether it is strong or weak, we look at the outer house planet conjoining an ascendant + the inner house planet (Tanu-lak or a Domicile), which is his “personal planet”.

      However, its dignity must have already been manipulated by other related planets’ dignity in the aspect of conjunction, opposition, sextile or trine.

*If they are good in both inner and outer planet, his horoscope is very strong.

If they are both impaired in terms of dignity, it should be a weakest case. If they are good and bad, we have to weight them and make a conclusion.

  Considering horoscope’s strength; by considering relavant planets, planet’s comparison.  –

     – After we consider each planet, the next step is a mixture of planet’s meaning and planet’s comparison to have a clear and broader explanation.

      When we interpret any planet, we should refer to another planet which is relevant to its meaning.

      For example, Rahu (8) is cunning, secular intelligence or fascination, then we have to look at Jupiter (5) which portrays virtue, consciousness, religious intelligence.

Good-dignity Rahu will make a person more cunning or tricky.

       If his Jupiter (5) is bad, he then has no consciousness and virtue to prevent him from cheating.

But if it is good, then he will be both cunning and righteous. He is well in both worldly and religious.

He is well in both worldly and religious. He is both priest and theif. (see more details in the next chapter)

      In the same case, if Rahu (8) is impaired + poor Jupiter, he has no discretion = highly addicted to something.

But if Jupiter is good dignity, he will have some conscience. He could be recovered from his addiction.

(Good-dignity Rahu, he might be fascinated in something such as art, academic issues, gambling, women, or be cunning, tricky, including drugs.)

    – Rahu (8), an addiction, a false belief + Mars (3) a non-believer, a rationality, a logic person, we have to weight them which is one is more powerful.

(But they do not compensate each other. He might believe in something and do not believe in another.) – Rahu (8), if it is in conjunction with an ascendant either in good or bad dignity, he has to be addicted to something.

No matter how cunning he is, he must to be addicted ( more than any other case ).

      Sometimes he will be tricked by his own fascination. If the planet is impaired, he will be more intoxicated in all vices, false belief, and will be fooled easily.

But if his Rahu (8) has normal or rather good dignity and is in opposition or sextile, trine with an ascendant with Saturn, a friendly pair (7) related to, it will be highly beneficial.

He could do every kind of work. But he should be careful in a way of addiction to alcohols, gambling, or turning to be a cheat

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