A native’s career is proper / improper (37)

A native’s career, for a career’s interpretation.

We must look to a native’s beneficial planet. If he does it well, we call it proper.

If he does not do it well, we consider it improper.

  ( For Karma house, we only look to his career in general such as a career’s changing, how workaholic he is.)

      A native’s career, his profession that is proper or congenial with his horoscope, must be considered by his outstanding planet in his chart and it must be beneficial and related to his ascendant.

     We look upon the best one first and then the second best and so on.

If there are other planets related to it, we must combine their meaning together.

     (The mixing of planet’s meaning is a core of a prediction which will be taught later on.)

A native’s career, most importantly.

That outstanding planet must relate to an ascendant because it means an external factor that directly affects a native.

     We shall call it a congenial career. ( If it is not related to his ascendant, it means he can do it well but not very successful.

Moreover, he will not be able to compete with his same-profession competitors who are congenial with their career. But he could still do it well anyway. )

     For auspicious time, it will influence a career in general in this step.

     For example, executioner time is a time to dominate others. He could be an administrator, a police, a military officer or even a real executioner.

For a robber time, it is the one to compete, to usurp with others, etc.

      We do not use a zodiac sign’s meaning but we use an auspicious time to interpret a native’s career in general by applying its meaning.

   ** A career’s prediction has so much details. Then I separated it into the chapter of “A career’s prediction”.

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