The planet’s comparison in many cases (38)

The planet’s comparison; in a case of 2 persons, whether they are congenial to each other, whether they are a couple.

We could consider it by looking at their both ascendants. Whether they are in a related zodiac sign.

      If they are in the same sign or in an opposition, they are the most congenial to each other. If they are in sextile or trine, it is the second best and it could be congenial.

      After that, we have to look at the planet conjoing an ascendant whether they are friendly, elementary, kindred or hostile pair. We could interpret it according to their meanings how they are going along.

If it is a hostile pair, they might get along but frequently conflicting each other.

( If their ascendants are not related and the conjoining planets are a hostile pair, they are definitely not congenial.)

     Conflicting pair is a pair that each Patni lord (or both Patni lord) exists as an outer house planet on his own Ari house. It portrays that they will always fight but could be together.

( They are staying together and keep fighting or temporary separating or always staying apart.

     If they live together for a while, they will fight.) Each ascendant might not relate to one another. They could be as Marana or Ari to each other. In this case, it is truly conflicting pair.

The planet’s comparison in other cases

     Planets conjoining an ascendant and outer house planets ( transiting planet ) in other houses that related to an ascendant, we compare them in terms of their dominating influence and compatibility.

      For example, Mars (3) a conjoining planet and there are transiting planets, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus in Patni or Putta houses, it mean a native is dominating those houses.

If the transiting planet in Patni or Putta is friendly to a conjoining one, it means those people will support him ( friendly pair ), or those persons will cooperate him in work ( elementary pair), or they will make a synergy ( kindred pair).

     But if they are a hostile pair, they will have conflict if they work together.

If the conjoining planet is an auspicious kind such as Moon, Mercury or Venus but in Patni or Putta houses there are inauspicious and more powerful planets, it means a native is dominated.

       – But if they are friendly, elementary or kindred pair, they are well together even though a native is less powerful. It is like a child in partnership with an adult.

( Patni are spouse, partners, ligitants or an opposite sex.)

      ** In a case of Rahu (8) and other issues, we will discuss it in later chapters with case studies. I have collected them together in one place for further study.

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