A native’s background (39)

       A native’s background is his attachment since his birth such as a family, a parents’ status.

An upbringing, an education, an environment, a religion, a belief, a tradition, a weather including his life experience.

      In Tanu house’s prediction or a native’s self, there is a factor that influence people who has the same or similar horoscope but with different result.

      Their life-style, success including luck and fortune may be greatly different. That is “a native’s background” which we always have to apply in our consideration.

A native’s background ;  For example

       A person who was born in a good, rich family will have more chance to be successful and rich than a person who was born in poor family.

      A person with good upbringing would have better knowledge, idea and belief than one who has none.

For a success in life, it could be different, a person born in an open-minded country would have more chances in many ways than one born in a strict country.

      However, it does not mean that they will completely be different, because main principles would be the same, such as a person might be a country’s prime minister.

The next one is an association’s chairman, another one might be a billionaire. The last one might have a hundred thousand or only one million.

     Another issue that is very important is when we have made a natal chart, we only consider 10 planets in the chart because it is total completed.

    There will be no zodiac year (Rat, Ox, Tiger, etc.) and Monday, Tuesday, etc. to include in the prediction.

Because they are completely different in terms of subject, principle and procedure.

For 7-number prediction, being a seer are not astrological method.

But general fortune-tellers will mix them together because predicting in only one method is quite inaccurate.

     They will have to find excuses or exceptions from texts or other procedures for additional explanation.

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