Kadhumpa Bhava: Foretelling (42)

Kadhumpa Bhava (2nd Bhava) means asset, wealth and is the Bhava in front of the ascendant.

However, the planets here will not relate to the ascendant. There are 2 consideration categories as follows: 

1. Considering outer planets.-

Outer planets or the planets that are in Kadhumpa Bhava should be checked.

        The dignities and relations of the planets as well as friendly pairs, elemental pairs, kindred pairs should be taken into account whether they enhance or weaken each other.

       – The first step is to check the dignities for the planets if it is normal, Domicile, Exaltation, Maha Chakra etc., and how many of them.

        Then determine the meaning of wealth, assets and prosperity according to the dignities and planets involved.

        The dignities of the planets in Kadhumpa Bhava

        For instance, there are 2 planets and 3 dignities namely Domicile, Maha Chakra, Raja Yoga.

        This can be interpreted that the individual shall earn wealth and economic status progressively, slow but steady.

The older he/she gets the richer he/she becomes (Domicile).

Also it is possible to earn a big chunk of money spontaneously and in an extraordinary way. (Maha Chakra) 

Moreover, earning steadily and without much effort is also included. (Raja Yoga)

         However, when the planets have negative dignities such as Detriment and Debilitation, it can be interpreted as losing wealth or unable to maintain financial status.

The way of losing wealth such as progressive decrease, or regular loss depends on the dignities of the planets.

(Suggestion should be made to keep the wealth in the partner’s name or the offspring’s name.)

        – The next step is to check the meanings of the planets.

There are several planets that have uncertain effects but the most obvious one is Saturn (7).

         If it is in Kadhumpa Bhava the individual will usually like lands and farms.

Therefore he/she usually own a lot of these properties without having thoughts of selling them.

The better the dignities the more land will be in possession. Eventhough Saturn may not bring fortune because it is not related to the ascendant it will still guarantee a firm ownership of properties.

          Moreover, if Rahu (8) is positive the individual will possess assets in the form of stocks, loans, bonds, transports, intoxicants. 

Uranus (0) is in Kadhumpa Bhava

         – The next step is to look for Uranus (0).

If it is in Kadhumpa Bhava, it can be foretold that the individual will like spending money or the properties are depleted, unstable, and easily damaged.

This is because Uranus (0) is a troublesome planet which leads to financial losses.

         On the other hand, when the planet that signifies financial status is stable it indicates that it is easy to earn money as well as spending it.

         It must therefore be taken into account how positive the financial planet is.

In case it is very positive it implies that the income will be more than the expense comparable to a wellspring that constantly produces water inflow to maintain the volume.

         However, if the financial planet is negative and Uranus (0) is also presented it will really indicate that the wealth will be exhausted due to the expense is larger than the income.

         Even if Uranus (0) is in opposition to Kadhumpa Bhava or related to it, the influence will also be felt but with a slightly decreased percentage depending on the relation.

         In this case planet(s) must be presented in Kadhumpa Bhava too in order to clearly see the effect.

Kadhumpa Bhava: The last step is to check

        The last step is to check the outer planets or the planets in Kadhumpa Bhava, are inner house planets or ruling planets in which Bhava.

         If a planet is a ruling planet from Marana Bhava it can be interpreted that the wealth and properties will be gained from death, extinction or from inheritance.

        The interpretation will depend on the Bhava it originates from. Notice that the origins can be unclear since most of the planets have 2 ruling houses.

         However, it will be clearer when looking into which houses the ruling planets transit into since the houses are in focus.   

       ** Every outer planet in Kadhumpa Bhava together, will have equal effect to a single inner planet.

In case there is no outer house planet presented, consider only the inner house planet.

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