The planets in Kadhumpa Bhava (44)

The planets in Kadhumpa Bhava Observation

        Kadhumpa Bhava has several outer house planets that are positive.

Or there are friendly pairs, elemental pairs or kindred pairs, it indicates that the individual will be wealthy.

        In case the planets have Maha Chakra dignity it implies that the wealth will be earned in an unexpected way.

If the financial planet is positive eventhough it appears in Marana or Vinashna.

It will still imply that the wealth will not be entirely exhausted comparable to a wellspring that can neither be entirely drained nor full.

          Uranus (0) is an outer house planet in Kadhumpa (or related to).

Uranus is a symbol of change and will only have negative impact.

The money will easily be wasted since the individual is very good on spending.

The properties are damaged eventhough Uranus only relates to Kadhumpa.

          Rahu (8) in Kadhumpa Bhava means having stocks or shares etc. as assets.

(Some textbooks call this as Rahu seeking treasure which means good at spending, properties will be damaged which is not true.)

          In case Saturn (7) is in Kadhumpa Bhava which is considered positive.

There are many cases that the individual owns a vast amount of lands and will unlikely to sell or exchange them.

          The dignity of the planet that represents financial status (outer planets and ruling planets) should be included in foretelling.

The planets in Kadhumpa Bhava : other cases

          For example: Domicile implies that the wealth and properties will grow progressively.

Maha Chakra implies that a large amount of wealth will be earned in an extraordinary way or unexpectedly. 

Exaltation implies that the wealth will be earned from popularity and admiration.

Raja Yoga, Devi Yoga implies that the wealth will be earned regularly without much effort.

(Negative planets will give the opposite results.) 

        * In case the financial planet is positive, it is guaranteed that the individual will be wealthy.

(Depending on the background of the individual, eventhough the financial planet is very positive but the background is bad the individual will neither be wealthy nor poor.)

          In case the financial planet is positive it is considered to be very anvantageous.

Even if the career is not very compatible with the horoscope it will not lead to impoverishment but the career will not be as successful as it should be.

          At the same time no matter how positive the financial planet is there is a risk of bankruptcy when very harmful planets come into play but the financial status will still be recovered.  

         *** In case the financial planet is negative and/or Uranus (0) is in the house, no matter how good at spending the individual is it does not mean that he/she will be poor.

          It will just indicate that the wealth cannot be kept.

If the horoscope is strong and the partner is supportive and wealthy the individual will be wealthy because of the partner.

         However, if he/she is responsible for safekeeping the properties they will be lost or easily damaged.

In case the individual is single without a partner and has no relatives to support.

He/she will be really poor or will just have barely enough for living. 

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