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Ascendant related planets : Additional Information

       Generally predicting the basic horoscope or the birth horoscope for every Bhava (including Tanu Bhava)

Is done by considering mainly outer house planets (outer planets) as well as inner house planets (ruling domicile planets or ruling planets).

      Check what dignity a planet has (domicile, exaltation, Maha Chakra, detriment, debilitation etc.) as well as which house it is in.

      Then check out the ruling planet of that certain house and find its location.

      Afterwards, the meaning of the planet + the dignity of the planet + involves with the meaning of the Bhava can be interpreted.

     Furthermore, the relations between the planets and the relations between the planets and the ascendant.

Such as: conjunction, opposition, sextile and trine. must be considered (in case it is Tanu Bhava.)

     Which is a common basis in astrology as it was mentioned earlier. 

      However, in the case of predicting Tanu Bhava which is the most important part that explains about the native’s background.

      Tthere is no textbook that distinguishes between the influence of outer house planets and the influence of inner house planets that affects the ascendant (Tanu).

      They are only vaguely mentioned in different sources and therefore certain aspects are missing and sometimes they contradict each other, especially when the planets are not related to the ascendant.

      That is to say, they are not in conjunction, sextile, trine with the ascendant.

       The majority would consider them having no impact on the ascendant.

       However, by collecting real data for a considerable period of time a conclusion can be made that it is accurate.

       Therefore, an attempt to collect and catagorize the collected information has been made for easy understanding.

       They are mentioned as follows: 

       There are only 8 planets out of 10 that could affect the native’s self (ascendant).

       They will affect skills or the “hidden talents” or special talents of the native.

       There are as follows: The Sun (1), The Moon (2), Mars (3), Mercury (4) … to Rahu (8). (except Ketu (9) and Uranus (0))

       All these 8 planets will influence over all 8 different special talents more or less depending on the dignities of the planets and their Bhavas.

        It is comparable to “hidden talents” of the native.

       The modern science also agrees that every human being has different sides of talents of no less than 8 categories.

       Everybody has all these abilities in different combinations. (Such as: image, sound, self understanding, etc. – referred to the brain research from Harvard University )  

       Therefore these 8 planets that appear as outer house planets in different houses in the natal chart, represents the hidden talents of the native in 8 categories.

       (Do not forget that all 8 outer house planets are actually inner house planets or ruling planets from the other houses that appear in this particular house.

       Every planet is therefore an inner house planet that has a role of an outer house planet elsewhere.)

       All 8 abilities signified by the 8 planets will affect the native in different abilities such as: habits, skills, proficiencies, thoughts, craftiness, etc.

       They are abstract and they reflect the true inner self of the native. Each category’s score will depend on the dignities of the planet (and Bhava).

        Moreover, in order to consider the meaning of the planet the other planets that have related or contradictory meanings must also be taken into account.

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