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Internal factor and External factor: Short Summary. –

Every planet that appears in the natal chart has 2 hats or that is to say 2 roles.

  Namely, inner house planet that appear as an outer house planet (hidden talents or internal factors, abstract) and a real outer house planet. (external factors, concrete)

Therefore, when considering internal factors and external factors each planet has to be considered 2 times as follows:

1. Consider hidden talents of the native:

If certain topics should be investigated, then consider those particular planets that affect the native up to 100% in every house by only considering their meanings and their dignities.

(except for Marana, Ari and Vinashana, their meanings have to be appended without decreasing the percentage)

Examples: When judging the native’s virtue Jupiter (5) should be considered. When judging the native’s fascination, delusion, deceiving, trickery and cunning Rahu (8) should be considered.

When judging the native’s diligence, bravery, openness, mistrust-fulness and logic Mars (3) should be considered.

When judging the native’s consideration, cautiousness and pondering Saturn (7) should be considered.

When judging the native’s artistry Venus (6) should be considered. When judging the native’s thoroughness, speech and reading Mercury (4) should be considered.

When judging the native’s courteousness, sweetness and demeanor (female) the Moon (2) should be considered.

2. Consider external factors that will affect the native:

Consider whether they are beneficial, harmful, auspicious or inauspicious.

If there are topics that need to be known, check out the relevant planets related to the topics accordingly.

Although they will affect the native in different percentages. Therefore, conjunction, opposition, sextile and trine must be taken into account.

** Though in order to consider these planets one at a time in this manner, the expertise at a certain level must already be achieved.

This is because considering one planet may involve another related planet as well. It cannot be done by only considering just one planet.

Internal factor and External factor: Is an important factor, must didtinguish.

More Explanation on House Elements

Every house has its own element namely fire, water, air and earth. (They can be further divided into movable (strong), fixed and mutable (weak).)

Every planet has its own element internally.

Therefore, a planet that is in a house with the same element becomes very strong while being in a house with another element gives a different result.


– The Sun (1) or Saturn (7) has fire element. If they are in Aries (movable fire element) they will become very powerful.

-If they are in Leo (fixed fire element) they will become powerful but not to the extent of the previous case.

– If they are in Cancer (movable water element) their power will be weakened by almost half since this is comparable fire falling into water.

-If they are in air element house their power will be enhanced since this is comparable to fire falling into air but not to the extent of fire falling into fire.

-If they are in earth element there will be no effect since this is comparable to fire falling into earth.

-The house elements are used to further predict the planetary power. Given that it is already in place and all the relations have been considered, the house elements are further included into the consideration.

Though they do not have much effect on the result of predicting.

They are only observations since they have been used since the ancient times and are considered good enough even though they are not very explicit.

(Some schools consider the house elements to be the main core of all topics. Therefore, they will not be any commentary in order to compare the cases.)

** All these things are descriptions of principles and origins which could be hard to understand.

The reason not to bring them up at the beginning steps of predicting is because the common principles must be understood first since they are common principles for all astrology schools.

These principles are built on top of the original ones which requires a higher level of understanding.

They are principles that I have summarized from real life experience that has been verified and supported by people’s life data.

They are therefore considered correct and accurate. As a result, these conclusions are made for further confirmations endlessly.

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