Dignities of The Planets (52)

Dignities of The Planets: Explanation of Other Issues

The principles of predicting according to this method will not use Ong Kendra, Pindubat, Numerology or any other exceptions.

Based on earlier information they have been found inaccurate and inconclusive and therefore lead to confusion.

Anything that has not been mentioned or said will not be emphasized or used.

They are not forgotten but will not be included in the consideration on purpose.

Actually Thai Astrology is a simple and straightforward subject. (but is complicated and deep) It involves statistics and information.

More importantly, astrologer or fortune teller are not meant to have answers for everything especially those subjects that are beyond human’s understanding.

Things that are still inconclusive and do not have enough evidence will need further data collecting.

The study must be continued without ending.

When the study has reached this step. The student should return to the earlier steps once again and try to predict his/her own horoscope.

Then the student should see if the understanding of the details has been improved or not.

The parts that are still not understood and are still unclear should be noted.

From there, the student should study on to the next chapter that will give more details and deeper understanding.

They should be continued when the student becomes more prepare.

Dignities of The Planets: Explanation

The explanation describes the contents which appeared in the previous chapters but more specifically it describes them in more details.

Since the basic birth horoscope chapter has been explored this chapter will go into further details.

If they are mentioned too early they might lead to confusion because of there are too many details for a new learner.

When each planet has transited into a particular house it will have an uncommon dignity, that could either be positive or negative impact on different areas.

For instance, domicile, exaltation, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation, Maha Chakra, Chula Chakra, Raja Yoga, Devi Yoga, detriment, debilitation as well as domicile switching will have different effects.

Therefore, the predicting outcome will have additional and developed details.

The details are considered complicated yet well-organized and have clearly defined steps.

This is comparable to computer programs that work systematically and in following orders.

As a consequence, when a planet is located in a certain house, the meanings of the house will be combined with the meanings of the planet.

Therefore, it will become more complicated since it is not just about the dignities of the planets that has been studied earlier.

Nevertheless, it can be explained with predefined steps which will be mentioned as follows:

Internal factor and External factor (51)

Domicile Dignity (53)

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