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Question. – Whether the horoscope could be changed or not? Or it has to be only like that? Is there any remedy or could a lot of merits making help?

Answer. – After we were born, the horoscope could not be changed. But we could manipulate it, avoiding any disaster when we know that our fortune is being bad.

It would reduce our damage. When it is being good with some luck, we should be more diligent, working more, investing more. It could become a big luck.

This makes us know a rhythm of life, getting over it, see life as it really is. If we could do nothing about it, why should we learn an astrology? Remedies, making merits are just easing your mind only.

They do not have any direct effect to the horoscope. (It is a logical, not a religious way or belief. They should be separated.)

Question. – Can we predict a baby’s horoscope?

Answer. – Normally, it is a prohibition for an astrologer to predict a baby’s future because it will be a bias to him. If his horoscope is good, he will be spoiled.

If it is not good, his parent could be too strict to him. This might cause his fortune to be worse.

Question. – How do we verify a baby’s natal chart?

Answer. – Nowadays, we do not have a problem about the babies’ time of birth because they are usually born in hospitals. Natal chart and ascendant’s calculation are easily done without any mistake.

On the contrary, the ascendant’s verification should be a difficult issue because it could change (back or forth for a next zodiac.) Anyway, there is an initial ascendant for further verification.

It is the most difficult thing for a young baby’s ascendant to be verified. If he has any disability since a time of birth, it could be observed that his ascendant should have a relationship to a planet 0 or 0, 3.

If the birth process is difficult, there should be planet 7 conjoining or relating to his ascendant. If the birth process is easy and he easily obey for nurturing, planet 5 should conjoin or relate to his ascendant.

After he grows older, then he can walk, talk and join activities with others. If he is kind, allows others taking advantage of him, there should be a planet 5 conjoining or relating to his ascendant. If he is hot-tempered, rash, rationalizing, arguing, there should be a planet 3 conjoining or relating to his ascendant.

If he is stubborn but playing innocent without any arguing, there should be a planet 8 conjoining or relating to his ascendant. If he is slow but firm and serious, it should involve a planet 7.

Other issues such as eloquence, good manner are external characteristics that could be noticed without any inquiring.

An ascendent’s verification for a child in that aforementioned case should be carefully done and it should take enough time. Because of his changing in developments or a mixture of many kinds of outstanding traits, sometimes we should ask for it from his friends.

We have to be elaborate and cautious in our observation. Most importantly, we must sort out which planet is his Tanu-lak because it is his true inner self. The result will determine which zodiac is his ascendant.

Finally, after we know child’s horoscope, we should not have any bias to him. We should be neutral and plan his life for him properly.

We should suggest it according to his horoscope, not forcing it. If we have considered it that his horoscope might be bad, we should, more than usual, manage for his environment in both moral and social issues. It will be much helpful.

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