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Question. – For a leadership, at which planet do we consider?

Answer. – For a leader, at least he has to have a good posture. (He might be fond of a formality.) Mainly, there should be a good-dignity Sun (1) related to his ascendant.

It is according to a “strategem for power” in a topic of “Being powerful with a formality” which every nation’s leaders had applied since ancient times until present days.

National leaders or even mob leaders would have a Sun (1) with normal or good dignity. All of them would be related to an ascendant. Some of them which were not related to an ascendant, were found as Tanu-sed. But those cases were rare because it meant “to be able to do it for sometimes, not always.”

Moreover, he has to be influential to convince people to follow him. He should have Mercury (4) + Venus (6) which have an adequate artistic speech.

He should be initiative, steadfast, firm and persisting by himself. (3, 7)

By a principle, it is another kind of a “career prediction”. It depends on how much do we specify it and whether it is congenial to him.

Question. – For those who have a sixth sense and a certain kind of sensibility, which planet do we consider?

Answer. – We mainly consider Uranus (0) because it is a turbulence, a mystery and a sensibility to mysterious things. It must relate to an ascendant and he can have this kind of sense (but not everyone can.)

Commonly, a mysterious sense means seeing dead people, ghosts, angels, guardian spirits, etc. Some would see or feel his own or others’ past or future. It is subjective and could not be proved or confirmed as realistic.

I do not have Uranus related to an ascendant, so I always have to refer to an information.

It has not been found that if Uranus is not related to an ascendant, anyone could have a mysterious sense. But I had found a person who had a capability to do a mysterious thing such as consecrating talismans, claiming to know some power in any material by touching it, seeing visions, etc.

But he admitted that he did not have a sixth sense. All things that he could do he said that they are because of his hard training in meditation. He could do it in a concentration, it is not passive. Also, he could not see any spirit, ghost or any angel.

Conclusively, those who had sixth senses must be able to do it naturally, unintentionally and passively.

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