Case study 1005.-

Case study 1005.- Doomed horoscope because of damaging impaired planets, Tanu-lak was in Marana Bhava, etc.

Virgo ascendant, Land keeper time of birth, male, his career was a lawyer. He has Rahu (8) exalted in forward sextile (to his ascendant).

A Mercury (4) is in backward sextile. Mars (3) as Chula Chakra is in opposition to his ascendant. A Jupiter (5) is in Vinashana. These were according to the principle of careers (see Prediction of the career)

He had a good career. But when he had a time out, he was an alcoholic. He was always known drinking.

It was because of an exalted Rahu (8) in forward sextile causing him to be addicting to something (not gambling).

On the day of death (he was sick), a Saturn (7) (pre-exaltation) was transiting on his Virgo ascendant. Uranus (0) was transiting in opposition to an ascendant.

Mercury (4) as Tanu-lak was transiting in Marana Bhava, weakening his horoscope. A transiting Mars (3) (his health) was debilitated in Cancer conjoining with his original Uranus (0) in natal chart.

There were several factors combined. Although his transiting Jupiter (5) was helping as a domicile in opposition to his ascendant, it could not help. (It could be a meaning of a calm death.)

Notes. – On the day of death, all planets of 0, 3, 7, 1 in relation to an ascendent. Transiting Tanu-lak was in Marana Bhava and transiting Mars (3) conjoined with Uranus ( 0 ). That was so serious.

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