Good lord of wealth, more than half a victory

Although he works an incompatible job, he could not be poor. If he is breaking, he will rise again.

Kadhumpa Bhava is a house of wealth.

If its lord and/or a conjoining planets in this house are with good dignity as exaltation, Maha Chakra, domicile, etc., that person will never be poor.

Sometimes, he might stumble with a loss but he will survive it. There will be only a period of transiting planets for his life.

But if he works a compatible, congenial job, I never see anyone become poverty-stricken.

Somebody has a good lord of wealth, but he is a salaryman. Although he is not rich, but he will not be poor.

This kind of person, we should recommend them to have a secondary job, he will double his fortune.

But if his lord of wealth is impaired, it does not mean he will always be poor.

If he has a good spouse or partner, he might be rich. But he must not keep the assets with himself.

It will be deteriorating; it is really a disadvantage.

Conclusively, anyone who has a good lord of wealth has more than half of a victory.

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