“Native background” is very important

How high his fortune will be, depends on a “native background”.

His parents’ family, status, including an education from the family are the most important backgrounds.

The next important backgrounds are ethnicity, religion, culture and tradition, including weather.

Those who were born in a high-class or rich family should have a chance to get good nurture and good starting fortune.

Those who were born in a low-class or poor family would lack in everything, including a good opportunity in life.

He would be laborious to make his fortune or fame. Most of them will be in a poor or middle-class family.

The people with the same birth date, month, year, time and same ascendant but with different “native background”, will have a big difference in opportunity, status and other traits.

But the characteristics, capabilities, skills will be same.

It includes fame and status.

However, it must be compared with the same status and background level.

A man could be a prime minister, another one could be a chairman of a society. A man could be rich in billions, another one might have only ten million.

There are many millionaires that have normal or even weak horoscope. Their lords of wealth are normal or even weak. It is importantly because of their own background.

We must look to their native background. For example, what is their starting point, which level it is, after the work what is the trend of gain or loss, etc.

Do not be surprised that a person with weak horoscope becomes famous or rich.

Do not be surprised that many people with good horoscope are narrowly successful. It is because of their “native background”.

We have to consider in a big picture, at the end, at the final result whether he is advancing or deteriorating.

We always compare the result with his background.

Sometimes, it could be predicted that what is the end result for that life.

Therefore, we could assume that the “native background” is very important.

But there are numbers of those who are successful beyond their own background. On the contrary, there could not be much limitation to obstruct people’s fortune.

Those Karma that parents did will come to their children. Is it true?

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