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Question. – Could astrology predict future?

Answer. – A personal horoscope could be predicted for past, present and future by applying transiting horoscope.

It requires an original natal chart and transiting planets’ positions at that time for prediction.

The issue of predicting the future depends on how we could know the future positions of planets.

In an old time, the calculation of planets’ positions was very complicated and difficult. It must be processed by those experts.

(Planets’ past and present positions had been calculated and published for a long time, therefore, we use it since then and do not have this problem any more.)

Currently, there are people who had invented a method to calculate those planets’ positions through computer programs. They could calculate those positions in the future.

(Many programs still had limitations. Some of them could not calculate it because of some reasons.)

Therefore, by principles, we could foretell events in the future. Normally, we shall roughly predict it by a primary consideration of a planet 0.

Because of its transition of 7 years in each zodiac, we could estimate it accordingly by the numbers of year in the future.

Also, planets 7, 8, 5 are primary factors to apply, but their periods in each zodiac will be shorter and easier to change.

For a prediction of country’s or world’s future events, in Thai astrology, is considered that it could be done. However, there is no one that could correctly create each country’s or world’s natal chart.

As we could generally see it, it was Bangkok’s natal chart that used to represent Thailand. Then it was considered to be Thailand’s natal chart and they generally predicted it according to this.

(Its interpretation method and prediction were different from mine. So, I shall not criticize and could not confirm it.)

I conclude that Thai astrology could predict any kind of events during past, present and future, in both personal and national horoscopes.  But it is profound and complicated.

It requires enough amount of information and the specification of each particular issue. I could compare it to a medical subject. It only depends on who cares to study it and how much capable he is.

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