Which horoscope is the best?

If we are able to choose only one among a strong horoscope, a strong lord of wealth, a good spouse horoscope, a smart horoscope, etc. Which one should we have?

A strong horoscope is the best. A strong horoscope means all planets in Tanu Bhava, both outer and inner house planets are good and beneficial to a native. Also Uranus (0) is not related to an ascendant or Tanu-lak.

A strong horoscope will help a native to be easily successful, healthy, gain a senior rank and famous. Even if his wealth is impaired, he will not be poor.

Although he could not make a fortune by himself, he might get a good spouse, good friends or occasionally have a gain or a profit. He will survive anyway and if his other traits in his horoscope are good, he will be doubly lucky.

At the same time, if his horoscope is not strong, he will always have an obstacle. He will succeed with much difficulty. His health is not good, easy to be sick.

If there is an incident, he will take more damage than others. He might pass away before a proper age.

He will be easily induced or tricked, or addicted to all vices. No matter how much wealth he has, it will not be beneficial to him or to those around him.

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