The meaning of Mercury (4) (69)

The meaning of Mercury (4) : Has the primary meanings of thoroughness, delicacy, deep thinking (inner trait), communication (external trait), literature, diplomacy and public relations.

In concrete terms they are information and publication.

– Mercury (4) is Tanu-Sed implies that the native is thorough and prefers usage of information. (the most remarkable one. It is an inner trait.)

* Mercury (4) is Tanu-Lak or the inner house ruling planet in Tanu. The native is thorough, delicate, sophisticated, prefers information and literature.

No matter what dignity the planet has and what house it is in, the native still possesses these traits since they are his innate character.

If it is in Karma Bhava, it implies that the native will be obsessed with work. (but if there is no work and Mars (3) is not ascendant related the native is lazy.)

Most importantly, do not forget that when Tanu-Lak conjoins with other planets the behaviors will be affected according to the meanings and dignities of the planets no matter how many they are.

For instance, Mercury (4) is Tanu-Lak and conjoins with debilitation dignified Mars (3) and detriment dignified Saturn (7) in a non-ascendant related house. The native will be generally diligent but will have scattered thoughts.

Therefore, nothing will be done properly. (If Tanu-Lak does not conjoin with them the native will be lazy and will not think at all.)

-If Tanu-Lak conjoins with Jupiter (5) and does not relate to the ascendant the native will be virtuous, soft-hearted, sympathetic and likes to please the seniors.

Even though the native is constantly given new assignments they will not feel grateful towards the native. (Jupiter (5) is inauspicious and therefore not helpful.)

The meaning of Mercury ; Mercury (4) is positive or neutral and relates to the ascendant.

In case it conjoins with the ascendant it is very obvious that the native is talkative, chatty and can talk non-stop with a lot of details. (External characteristics)

*Moreover, the native will be a thorough, delicate and sophisticated person. (Inner characteristics) He/she is detail-oriented, likes literature and talking to people. These traits will be demonstrated.

If the planet is neutral these traits will be adequate. (if it conjoins with the ascendant and has domicile dignity as Tanu-Lak and/or Tanu-Sed they have to be included too.)

*If the planet is exaltation dignified the native is thorough and communicative etc. with a constantly high standard. Maha Chakra implies that the native is also thorough and communicative etc. but not to the same extent in general.

However, under certain circumstances the native can become a very thorough and communicative person. Raja Yoga suggests that these traits will depend on the native’s sentiment.

(The degree percentage will be according to the relation: conjunction, opposition, sextile and trine.)

The meaning of Mercury (4) ; Mercury (4) + Venus (6) suggests good speech and rhetoric but these traits may be demonstrated either through writing, speaking, or even both.

Some native has powerful Mars (3) and powerful Saturn (7) with unrelated Jupiter (5).

This may lead to lack of consideration, rough speech and being too straightforward. Although there will be something that the native can perform well. For example, poetry, art, singing etc.

As a positive planet that relates to the ascendant it is considered auspicious in terms of thoroughness, information usage, speech, popularity and praises.

Therefore, it is appropriate to pursue relevant careers since they will become successful.

The meaning of Mercury ;- Mercury (4) is positive or neutral and is unrelated to the ascendant.

In case it is not related to the ascendant it implies that the native does not speak much. Because it is an external factor that is not related to the ascendant it will not be distinguished no matter what dignity the planet has.

Although on the inside this trait still exists according to the meanings and dignity of the planet as it represents inner trait.

When the native has an opportunity to speak he/she will do it really well according to the dignity and meanings of the planet.

(Mercury is neutral and is in Marana Bhava based on observation implies that the native usually speaks normally but without considering details, appropriate timing.

Moreover, the native has a tendency to give a confusing speech. Moreover, he/she does neither like information nor reading books.

Mercury is exaltation dignified and is in Vinashana Bhava will instead imply that he/she does not speak much.

Though when given an opportunity the native will be able to speak very well with a lot of information.

Therefore, non-ascendant related planets are harder to understand than ascendant related planets.)

In addition, the related planets have to be taken into account. For instance, Mercury (4) is positive and is in Vinashana Bhava.

Normally, the native does not speak much but he/she can speak well when given the opportunity.

Furthermore, if Jupiter (5) that represents mindfulness is in Marana, Ari or Vinashana too it implies that the native will lack control over his/her speech.

Therefore, it could lead to damaged relations.

As a non-ascendant related planet it is considered inauspicious. Even though it is a positive planet it is not very beneficial since positive traits are not observable for the peers and will not lead to popularity.

The relevant careers can be invested in but they will not be as successful as they should be.

** There is an example of several natives that are born under Virgo house. They have Mercury (4) as Tanu-Lak that becomes pre-exaltation, Maha Chakra and Raja Yoga in Vinashana Bhava. (Leo house)

These natives are not talkative but when given the opportunity they can speak well. Normally they are not thorough but when they are interested in something they can perform reliable researches on it.

Normally they do not pay much attention to studying but when they do they can perform really well. They can even finish the educations earlier than expected.


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