Prediction of the Career (77)

Prediction of the Career : General principles / based on each planet and the combination of multiple planets.

Prediction of the Career, for the native as well as auspicious and inauspicious matters have been mentioned already. They can be found in predicting the basic horoscope topic.

Although a career is considered an important issue. Each native’s horoscope implies many possible career paths.

Each person has different details. Some of them may be complicated while some of them may not. It often requires combinations of the meanings of several planets to answer whether a career is persuasive or not.

Therefore, this topic is mentioned separately in another chapter which contains general principles and consideration of the meanings of sole planets and combinations of planets as follows:

1. General principles in predicting the career

1.1) Positive planets that are ascendant related

They indicate that any career would be appropriate and auspicious. The order of importance can be figured out by considering the meanings + the dignities and the percentage of the relations: conjunction, opposition, sextile, and trine.

(Consider the prominent planets in the natal chart in the previous chapters.) The planets that represent the most important meanings have to be considered first.

They are namely 7 8 6 5 3 4. Though the dignities will also determine which one should be considered first.

1.2) Positive planets that are not ascendant related.

They indicate that any career would be appropriate although they may not be auspicious. In case there are competitions the native may lose to the ones that have the auspiciousness.

Even when they are in Ari or Vinashana Bhava the damage is not considered significant still. It may indicate that the native may not like it or it is not good for the long term according to the meanings of the Bhava.

** Aside from Marana Bhava, no matter how positive a planet is, it cannot become a career choice. This is because things may look bright but when it turns out to be a loss, it will become disastrous.

There will not be any compensation and the damages will be spontaneous and unrecoverable.

** The planets that represent primary meanings should be considered first.

1.3 Negative planets that are either related or unrelated to the ascendant will not imply auspiciousness at all.

The more invested the more loss it will become, especially in Marana Bhava. It indicates that the loss will be without any compensation at all.

– It is strange that many people who study and work in the areas where the negative planets are related and unrelated to the ascendant, will not be able to enjoy their respective fields for long.

Therefore, they must change jobs or studies accordingly. Some of them may continue working although it does not lead to any success. Many of them can cope with this since they have positive financial planets.

Although, in-auspiciousness for the career and negative planets imply that it will be a waste of opportunity in life since the profit is unpredictable.

– Many artists, painters that are popular worldwide or nationwide have negative Venus (6) that conjoins or in opposition with the ascendant.

On the surface, they may be negative but auspicious which leads to fame and wealth. In truth, based on their biographies, their career had been a real struggle. Their works were not accepted and they had to present their work in foreign countries for many years so that they were finally accepted.

Later on, they could go back to their home countries at a later stage of life. Moreover, their artworks were unusual and most of the people would not understand.

– There was a foreign artist that had created an art beyond its generation. The cost for each of his work was very high although they became appreciated almost a hundred years after his death.

The artist died poor and lonely. Therefore, this cannot be considered auspicious and it must be regarded as inauspicious instead.

2. Prediction of the Career, based on each planet and the combination of multiple planets.

The general principle according to 1) is a primary basis that always has to be referred to. Afterward, the meanings of the planets can be considered to distinguish between each career choice as follows:

2.1 Prediction of the Career, by considering the meanings of each planet.

In this case, the planets that are considered will represent external factors as follows:

– Saturn (7) implies hard labor, troublesome work, agriculture, farming, livestock, fishery, house building, lands, laborers, workers, cook, selling food (not highly professional), etc.

– Rahu (8) implies several casual works (intangible) for instance, management, stocks, lottery, intoxicants, finance and banking, loans, for minerals it represents stones and soil, etc.

– Venus (6) implies decoration related work such as perfume, art, drawing, painting, entertainment, music, music instruments, etc.

– Mars (3) implies craftsmanship, sports, soldier, adventurer, armaments, tools, machines, machinery, engines, metals, etc.

– Jupiter (5) implies teaching, instructors, priests, holy relics, religious matters, etc.

– Mercury (4) implies information related work, news, announcement, speaking, negotiation, writing, diplomacy, literature, publications, etc.

– The Sun (1) implies gold. There is no clear meaning for a career path.

– The Moon (2) does not imply any career path.

– These meanings of each planet are used as main contexts for career paths. If it requires further explanation they will not be enough.

Moreover, many careers require other planet’s meanings to cover the prediction of auspiciousness which will be mentioned in the next topic.

2.2 Prediction of the Career, by considering the combined meanings of the planets.

This requires at least 2 planets to consider which career is appropriate for the native. (General principles, as well as the dignities of the planets, are used to evaluate the auspiciousness.)

To combine the meanings for predicting the career, the interpretation of the career must be done first.

The characteristics of the career must be determined. Afterward, each planet that represents these characteristics can be included accordingly.

As a result, the appropriate careers can be known. (The career comes first before combining the planets.)

According to the methodologies of the combination of the planets, there will be several planets involved. Therefore, the evaluation and consideration principles have to be referred to (For the planets that are involved) as follows:

Neutral or positive planets that are ascendant related imply that it can be performed and it is auspicious.

Positive planets that are not ascendant related imply that it can be performed well although it is not auspicious.

Some positive and negative planets that are ascendant related imply that it can be performed and it is quite auspicious.

All negative planets whether they are ascendant related or not imply that it cannot be performed and it is not auspicious either.

– Positive and negative planets that are not all ascendant related have to be considered appropriately.

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