Prediction of the general careers (77-1)

Prediction of the general careers :  For convenience in this matter, general careers that are popular will be used.

Afterward, each planet can be included accordingly for predicting the career possibilities as follows:

Doctor – The person that can become a doctor has to be good at studying and also studies hard.

He/she has to read a lot of books and knows a lot of information.

Furthermore, the person has to possess good communication in English as well as being a thorough person. (Mercury (4)) + the person must be very diligent since study and work usually occurs every day for almost the entire life.

(Mars (3)) So at least the career requires the planet 4 and 3 primarily.

In case the specialization in this career is of interest other planets may be required as well. For instance, a surgical doctor should have Venus (6). (art, imagination, and beauty)

A doctor who has a good moral should have the planet 5. In case it requires hard work, tolerance, thoroughness the planet 7 must be presentable, etc.

Engineer – requires Mars (3) first. (craftsmanship, logic, and reasoning) Secondly, Mercury (4) is required since being pretty good at studying should be recommended.

Academical knowledge and information have to be encouraged. Other planets would be a supplement as in the case of doctor career.

Architect – requires Venus (6) first. (Art, imagination, and beauty) Secondly, it requires Mercury (4). (Literature, writing, and thoroughness)

Lastly, it requires Mars (3). (craftsmanship and logic) These characteristics are somewhat required as well since they may become helpful in creating structural plans and constructions.

Painting, requires Venus (6) first. (Art, imagination, dreams, and beauty) Secondly, it would require Rahu (8) (Indulgence) There is an example of a certain well-known Thai painter.

Mercury (4) was neutral in Marana Bhava and therefore it is not required although it would be good to have. This is because the work details would be improved.

Artist – requires Venus (6) first. (Art, imagination, and dreams) For singing Mercury (4) has to be included.

Prediction of the general careers : – For poet, writer, composing requires Mercury (4) first. (Literature, information, speaking) Secondly, it would require Venus (6). (Art and imagination)

If it is scientific literature Mars (3) has to be included. (Logic, reasoning, and craftsmanship)

Celebrity and actor/actress: This requires art and imagination primarily. (Venus (6)) + Trickery and faking (Rahu (8)). Both of them must be equal.

Therefore, the person that possesses the art of acting must have Venus (6) and Rahu (8) primarily. Further requirements for the dignities are needed to achieve fame and popularity.

The required dignities are exaltation, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation. (Achieved by popularity, appearance or accomplishments, etc.)

Moreover, the Moon (2) that is exaltation, pre-exaltation, or post-exaltation dignified would enhance the mannerism to become even more charming.

On the other hand, Rahu (8) that is powerful (8) such as being exaltation or Maha Chakra dignified, will make the native become tricky or indulged in something heavily.

Other planets must, therefore, be considered as well to determine if the native would become a popular celebrity or a true swindler.

Salesman/broker: Firstly, it would require good speech (Mercury (4)) and secondly the art of speaking would be required. (Venus (6)). The Moon (2), mannerism and charm would also get along well with these characteristics.

The Sun (1) on the other hand, should not be powerful or is Tanu-Sed since it would make the native aloof and hard to please others.

However, in case the Sun (1) is powerful it is recommended to become a broker for something that does not require dealing with people directly such as: cars, houses and lands.

Although the positive sides of the Sun (1) such as being well-mannered and trustworthy are also helpful.

Prediction of the general careers : – Businessman/merchant: This would require being shrewd and sophisticated as well as being bold and risk-taking enough to manage a business.

(Rahu (8)) + thoroughness profound, detail-oriented, handling documentations as well as being able to negotiate business (Mercury (4)) + having a good logic, reasoning, being bold and quick-minded (Mars (3)) are all recommended.

Moreover, Saturn (7) will enhance the ability to consider and ponder. (Notice that if Saturn (7) is too powerful it may cause the native to become too slow in responding.)

More importantly, Jupiter (5) that is too positive or is Tanu-Sed will make the native become virtuous and will, therefore, conduct business in a straightforward manner which may not be so good.

The exception would be for utilizing the credibility of the native to conduct honest business.

Manager: this requires being shrewd and sophisticated as well as the ability to handle situations (Rahu (8)).

Furthermore, thoroughness and utilizing information and documents for making decisions are required. (Mercury (4))

Logic, reasoning as well as being bold and quick-minded are also good additions. (Mars (3))

If Saturn (7) is presentable it would enhance the consideration. (But if 7 is too powerful it would make the native slow.)

Jupiter (5) (Virtues, optimism, sympathy) should also be powerful (This would be different from the requirements of a businessman and merchant) since it would not require as much competition.

It would instead require virtues in ruling such as being just.

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