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State officer, official, and employee – would require ascendant related Jupiter (5) since it would make the seniors or supervisors sympathetic towards the native.

Jupiter (5) that is positive implies that the supervisors will have enough power while negative Jupiter (5) implies that the supervisors will be powerless to help.

If Jupiter (5) is not ascendant related no matter how positive it is, the supervisors will not be sympathetic towards the native. (Especially when it is necessary.) No matter how good they work it will not be satisfactory.

Therefore, it is recommended to work independently and not rely on others too much. (Consider the culture of the community as another factor.)

To figure out how good the native is at his field of work other planets would have to be in consideration too according to the predicting the career chapter.

Lawyer: this requires shrewdness and being sophisticated which is Rahu (8) as a primary basis. Additionally, preferring literature and negotiation as well as being careful and communicative is preferred. (Mercury (4))

Logic, reasoning, and hard to be tricked (Mars (3)) is also required. Jupiter (5) on the other hand, should not be too powerful and is not Tanu-Sed since the virtues will not be too high.

Otherwise, the native will become softhearted and kind which might not lead to winning the lawsuit cases. In case Saturn (7) is presented it will make the native more considerate. Venus (6) can make the native display artful speeches. (Just a complement)

Judge: this would require logic and reasoning (Mars (3)) + virtues and merciful as well as being just (Jupiter (5)) – (Using reasons before empathy since it will not lead to biased verdicts.) + detail-oriented, profound, and preferred textbooks and information (Mercury (4)) + Sophisticated and shrewd (Rahu (8)) If Saturn (7) is conjoined it will also make the native more considerate. (As a complement)

** Observations: Lawyers that have 8 more powerful than 5 will not make good judges since they will tend to be somewhat tricky.

Meanwhile, judges that have 3,5 more powerful than 8 will not make good lawyers since they will not tend to be shrewd and sophisticated. They will also be too soft-hearted and merciful.

Prediction of the others Career :- Policeeman: This requires courage and the will to fight as well as reasons to solve each case.

Mars (3) has to be the primary planet + shrewdness and being sophisticated is also required. (Rahu (8)) Otherwise, they will not be able to arrest criminals.

Additionally, thoroughness and being observation, as well as preference for law textbooks, is adequately required. (Mercury (4)) If Jupiter (5) is ascendant related it will make the native become a virtuous and merciful policeeman.

The supervisors will also be sympathetic and helpful and it will encourage possible advancements. (Policeemen in the finance department, medical department, and entertainment department are not included.)

Soldier: This requires bravery and fighting spirits (Mars (3)) primarily since they have to obey orders. Other matters are not as necessary.

However, to become a military adviser it would require thoroughness and well planning. (Mercury (4))

Furthermore, tolerance and careful consideration are needed. (Saturn (7)) Shrewdness comes next. (Rahu (8)) To become successful in this career other planets have to be taken into account as well according to the general principles.

Prediction of the others Career :- Accountant and banker: This would require thoroughness, observant in details and pieces of information primarily.

(Mercury (4)) Secondly, it would require management in finance and human resources (Rahu (8)) as well as reasoning, logic and analyzing the information (Mars (3)) Other planets will only improve these traits.

(If Rahu (8) is exaltation, Maha Chakra dignified and is ascendant related, it will become more powerful than Mercury (4). Therefore, caution should be taken since there might be a risk of a huge fraud in the future.)

A chef or a professional cook – has to be a detailed, thorough and punctilious person (Mercury (4)) + having decorative imagination and proficiency as well as being aesthete. (Venus (6))

Furthermore, the diligence in making food and finding new receipts are required. (Mars (3)) Lastly, the fortitude for hard labor with only a few breaks should also be required. (Saturn (7))

Prediction of the others Career : – Loan shark: A popular career that requires Rahu (8) primarily for being shrewd and perhaps tricky if the planet is powerful and the native is bold as well as being a risk-taker.

Additionally, Jupiter (5) should be slightly weaker than Rahu (8) such as being positive but not ascendant related or being negative and is ascendant related.

More importantly, Jupiter (5) should not be Tanu-Sed since it will make the native becomes good-hearted, virtuous, softhearted, sympathetic and too optimistic.

These traits may not be useful in collecting debts and a lot of debts could end up being uncollected.

There are mainly 2 planets only but if Mercury (4) is positive, it would be even better since the native will be thorough and full of pieces of information.

Therefore, the native will be able to do accounting. Venus (6) would also be a welcome addition since it would cooperate with Mercury (4) so that the native becomes good at rhetoric.

Additionally, Saturn (7) will enhance the ability to consider carefully.

** However, the Sun (1) that is related to the ascendant, no matter positive or negative or Tanu-Sed will make the native become arrogant and will dislike losing face.

This would not encourage collecting debts. Therefore, it would not be suitable for being a loan shark.

Although it would still work out in case the business is conducted by being standing behind or with official contracts so that it would not require face-to-face communication.

If it is conducted on a smaller scale guaranteed properties should be presented to prevent a permanent loss.

Conclusion of predicting the career

– Consider each planet first by starting at the most prominent ones in the natal chart accordingly.

Auspicious and inauspicious things as well as viable career options should be considered first.

Then the combinations of multiple planets starting from the most prominent planets have to be considered next.

Afterward, other less important planets can be combined to predict possible outcomes for each career path according to the general principles.

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