Prediction Examples

These are concise predicting examples yet the details cover various issues to study the birth chart.

(In many cases, they are considered over the basics. Therefore, they are not relevant in this step. They should be studied in related chapters later on.)

The horoscope of a swindling celebrity.

The actor is infamous in many ways.

There were lies, cheating, and fraud in various ways.

Even the actor’s close relatives and patrons became the victims.

It was a scandal several years ago.

Despite that the birth date is known, the birth time is still uncertain. However, it could be estimated without mistakes.

The ascendant is in Libra. Rahu (8) is pre-exaltation and Raja Yoga dignified as well as in conjunction with the ascendant.

This implies that the native is indulged, cunning, and tricky.

Venus (6) is Tanu-Lak and is in Aries. It conjoins with Jupiter (5) and Mercury (4).

It implies the ability to speak and negotiate. (4 6) implies a tendency to seek appreciation from the supervisors.

They usually become sympathetic and helpful. (5 is Raja Yoga in opposition with the ascendant.)

Additionally, Uranus (0) conjoins with the ascendant implies that the native is unpredictable, mysterious, easily get bored, and perhaps possesses a sense in mysterious matters.

Financial planets in both outer and inner house are negative. These are namely the Moon (2) that is debilitation and sub-domicile dignified and also the ruling planet Mars (3) that is debilitation and sub-domicile dignified as well.

This indicates that the native is good at spending money and the wealth will become deteriorated.

Concerning virtues, they exist to a certain degree (5 is Raja-Yoga dignified.) However, Rahu (8) is very powerful and also conjoins with the ascendant.

Rahu (8) represents the indulgence and trickery will suppress the virtues from (5) entirely. This is a very straightforward way of interpretation and should not be too hard to understand.

Case Study 03031

There was no data for this horoscope in the first place. It was sent by a group of friends. The gender of the native was also unknown.

The planets were noticeably unusual and therefore they must be analyzed accordingly.

The ascendant was in Sagittarius and there were many planets in conjunction with it. This kind of person is usually Jack-of-all-trade because he/she will be able to perform many things but without exceptional proficiencies.

5 was domicile dignified, 8 was post-exaltation dignified, and 4 was detriment dignified.

There were two friendly pairs 15 and 24 which made them slightly better. (4 is still negative although a bit less.)

8 was stronger than 5 and therefore the native could be indulged in something, most likely gambling. When 5 is domicile dignified it indicates that the results will be slow.

The older the native gets the more mindful and virtuous the native will become. This horoscope does not indicate any trickery since 1, the pride and 5, the virtues are presented.

However, the native may become slightly manipulative and very shrewd.

1 is Tanu-Sed and Devi-Yoga dignified which also conjoins with the ascendant. This implies that the native is aloof and especially dislikes losing respect.

4 is detriment dignified and conjoins with the ascendant. This implies that the native is too thorough, fussy, and talkative.

2 indicates sweetness or humbleness and well-mannerism.

5 is conjoined with the ascendant indicates that the supervisors will be helpful and sympathetic.

The financial planet is Maha Chakra dignified 7 in Ari Bhava. This indicates that the income will usually be in a large amount. The native is usually not interested in financial matters.

The amount of earning and spending may be equal. On the other hand, it may imply that the economy is taken care of by another person.

0 is in Karma Bhava which indicates that changing the job or career must occur at least once in the lifetime.

4 in Patni Bhava that becomes detriment dignified and conjoins with the ascendant indicate that the partner or business partner will become a burden for the native to take care of.

3 is domicile dignified and conjoins with detriment dignified 6 in Vinashana Bhava.

6 is detriment dignified which indicates that the native is not licentious and this will continue in the long term.

5 is conjoined with the ascendant which indicates that the native is virtuous and therefore could prevent any issues with sexuality.

Concerning the career, 8 is post-exaltation dignified and conjoins with the ascendant.

This indicates that any casual work such as management, stocks, lottery, and intoxication will be appropriate for the native.

5 is conjoined in the same house which indicates that the native is good at being a teacher, priest or religious matters.

7 is Maha Chakra dignified in Ari Bhava indicates that hard labor can be done well. Although it will not be auspicious or the native may not like it.

3 is domicile dignified in Vinashana Bhava. It implies that it can be done although it is not durable and also inauspicious.

6 is detriment dignified in Vinashana Bhava. It implies that art, elegant matters, and entertainment cannot be performed.

They will become disgraceful and disastrous.

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