Life is ruined because of Rahu (8)

The case study 04041:

The ascendant is in Leo and 1 is Tanu-Lak with Chula Chakra dignity. The horoscope, in general, is considered quite strong.

The financial planet is planet 4 with Chula Chakra and Devi Yoga dignity. It is considered a positive financial planet despite having 0 in Kadhumpa Bhava which causes financial leakage and high expenses.

Planet 3 is domicile and in trine with the ascendant. Therefore, having an occupation as a motorcycle-repair technician is auspicious.

The native’s background was from a rather poor agricultural family and the native did not have a good upbringing.

During the teenage years, the native misbehaved and was addicted to drugs. He also had several wives and children but he could not withdraw himself from drugs. He ended up in jail for 3 times because of it.

At present, he has been arrested with the same issues for the 4th time. (September 2019)

His wife could not endure this anymore and demanded a divorce. The horoscope should not be so terrible like this.

Because of Rahu (8) with post-exaltation and in trine with the ascendant, the native became addicted to drugs.

(Related to the ascendant means demonstrated behaviors at all times.)

Although Jupiter (5) is in opposition with the ascendant it is just a neutral planet. Therefore, Rahu is much more powerful in comparison.

Additionally, life moments were crucial when negative transiting planets were presented.

As a result, life could be greatly affected.

A confirming piece of information was when he got caught the 4th time, namely when several negative transiting planets were presented such as, transiting Rahu (8) in Gemini and sextile with the ascendant as well as being in opposition to the original Rahu.

The negative impacts of this were indulgence and being tricked. Transiting Uranus (0) in Aries and sextile with the ascendant. The negative impacts were deteriorated health, instability, and changes.

Transiting Jupiter (5) was in Scorpio. Even though it had Maha Chakra dignity, it was not related to the ascendant. Therefore, it was not beneficial in terms of supports from the supervisors. Moreover, it made the native careless.

To summarize, several negative transiting planets and unsupported positive planets will cause such a case to occur.


Several people have Rahu in this position and the ascendant in this house. There are many cases of said horoscope. However, no one has a significant amount of trouble.

Therefore, it can be concluded that “the native’s background” such as financial status, environment, upbringing, experience is different so that the outcome depends on them.

Furthermore, the ongoing influences from the past play an important role to alter a human’s life as well.

Moreover, Rahu may affect each person differently.

This native is indulged in drugs but does not cheat, gamble or drink. Meanwhile, others may display their traits in another way such as trickery, addiction to alcohol or gambling, etc. This may cause damage to other areas.

It will mostly be a single trait that stands out amongst others. There are only a few people that have these traits equally prominent at the same time. They will usually be more or less prominent compared to each other.

Suggestions: –

In a case like this, it is recommended to only advise the native to have them in a controllable way and not advise him/her to completely avoid them. (Such as: constantly drinking)

Based on the existing data no one could completely end these habits. If a native could quit one habit a new addiction would replace the old one instead. This could become more serious than before.

Another possible advice is to encourage the native to work with something that can be related to Rahu. This may become a chance to change a disaster to an opportunity.

Summarizing, do not force the natural habits to stop but instead do something that relates to the horoscope. It would be the best way to utilize a horoscope to its full potential.

Impaired Rahu (8) is not good at all

Rahu (8) with detriment or debilitation dignity is considered harmful to the native. This is because an impaired Rahu (8) has the meanings of being credulous and gullible, naive and easily tricked.

Furthermore, it represents stocks, lottery, unrelated and all vices which could ruin a person’s life.

The person that has impaired Rahu (8) that is related to the ascendant will become gullible, naive and easily tricked. If it conjoins with the ascendant these characteristics will become very noticeable.

For other relations such as opposition, sextile and trine will make them less noticeable accordingly. However, Jupiter (5) and Mars (3) have to be taken into account as well since Jupiter (5) represents thoughtfulness that could prove helpful.

Meanwhile, Mars (3) represents logic and reasoning that would prevent credulity. All 3 planets have to be considered in both the dignities and relations to determine the level of impacts after their interplays with each other.

Credulity is still credulity but it could be suppressed if mindfulness and logic are still existed. On the other hand, mindfulness and logic that are weak would make credulity a dominant trait.

It would also depend on transiting planets at different periods that could affect human’s life.

The person that has such a horoscope at a quick glance would be good at loans, finance, stocks, lottery, unrelated and all vices. On the contrary, the more investment committed the more damage it will be.

There is an example of a person that has the ascendant in Aquarius. The Tanu-Lak planet or the inner house planet becomes detriment in opposition with the ascendant which implies that it is the inner character of the native.

Besides, there are other external effects as well. Despite having Jupiter (5) in conjunction with the ascendant and Mars (3) is in trine it, credulity and naivety could not be prevented. Their impacts are still noticeable.

There is one person that has debilitation Rahu (8) in sextile and exaltation Mars in opposition with the ascendant. Jupiter (5) is Maha Chakra in trine. In spite of these planets that encourage logic and mindfulness the native would still believe things very easily, especially in the early periods of life.

Although it would not be to the extent of credulity. This may supposedly depend on being too optimistic. (Maha Chakra Jupiter)

This is the case when Rahu (8) is negative and related to the ascendant. Though it has to be distinguished in which way it has negative impacts on. On the other hand, Rahu (8) that is impaired and unrelated to the ascendant will imply disinterest and non-commitment for works.

If he still wishes to do them, it will be more damaging such as a loss on stock’s investment and closing down a liquor store.

Conclusively, impaired Rahu (8) is damaging.

Rahu (8) in different cases

Rahu (8) that is too powerful is not that good

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