Rahu (8) that is too powerful is not that good

There are surely positive sides but when it concerns cheating it can also be to the extreme.

Rahu (8) that is positive means that its dignity is good. It has meanings of shrewdness, trickery, cheating, and indulgence. Moreover, the meanings can be stocks, lottery, unrelated and all vices that could be an opportunity to prosper.

Rahu (8) that has exaltation, Maha Chakra, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation, domicile, Raja Yoga, Devi Yoga, or Chula Chakra dignity are all positive. Though it will become both benefits and harms for the native to the extreme.

Rahu (8) that is powerful means that it has positive dignities as mentioned above. Moreover, it has to relate to the ascendant by conjunction, opposition, sextile, and tine. Consequentially, it will be extremely beneficial but also imply negative impacts.

Firstly, the beneficial impacts will be explained. The person that has a powerful Rahu (8) which is positive and relates to the ascendant, will be very shrewd and sophisticated.

Furthermore, matters concerning stocks, lottery, finance, and unrelated will become auspicious.

However, it should not be too powerful and Jupiter (5) ought to be more powerful and/or the Sun (1) is also powerful. Mars (3) should also be powerful or one of them is Tanu-Sed as a counterpart.

This would prevent or suppress the impacts of Rahu otherwise it will make the native become a swindler. Therefore, Jupiter (5) the virtues and thoughtfulness, the Sun (1) the pride and honor, Mars (3) the logic and reasoning have to be taken into account always.

Their respective strengthhs have to be compared like analyzing two boxers against each other or analyzing other competitive sports. There is no fixed pattern to memorize.

For instance, an ascendant in Cancer has exaltation Jupiter (5) in conjunction. Rahu (8) is Maha Chakra and is in opposition to the ascendant.

Therefore, Jupiter (5) is considered slightly more powerful than Rahu (8). It would be a reassuring factor if Jupiter (5) is Tanu-Sed. Another possibility would be the Sun or Mars (3) that is positive and related to the ascendant for helpful impacts so that the native would not cheat.

Consequentially, the native would not be easily tricked while he/she would not be cheating others.

This is considered auspicious both secular and religiously. The seniors/supervisors would be very helpful to him. Dealing with stocks, loans, and unrelated would be prosperous.

(Though caution must be taken when transiting Rahu becomes harmful as an aggravation. During that period, Rahu may sequentially become dominating over other planets.)

A person has the ascendant in Leo with no planet in it and Tanu Lak is the Sun (1) which is pre-exaltation in Marana Bhava. Rahu (8) is pre-exaltation in forwarding sextile.

Jupiter (5) is unrelated. In this case, Rahu (8) is considered much more powerful even though the person’s inner self is the Sun (1), pride and honor, that could suppress Rahu (8) to a certain extent.

Additionally, Mars (3) is post-exaltation in opposition to the ascendant and is also Tanu-Sed. Logic, reasoning, staunchness and unyielding combined could not suppress the impacts of Rahu (8) still.

Therefore, cheating in a subtle way can be expected since Venus (6) is related to Rahu. Besides, trickery and soft work that is related to Rahu (8) are auspicious.

The native misbehaved during the teenage years because of Rahu’s (8) influence according to the basic principles.

Concerning powerful Rahu, beneficial impacts are significant although harmful impacts are also considerable.

Therefore, it requires careful consideration.

Life is ruined because of Rahu (8)

Rahu (8) that is too powerful is not a good thing. (continued-1)

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