Rahu (8) that is too powerful is not that good (continued-2)

Rahu (8) that is neutral but conjoins with the ascendant will become very powerful since it represents the character of the native.

Though it implies external characteristics and they will be demonstrated.

Furthermore, external factors that will affect the native will be up to 100%.

In case the ascendant is in Aquarius which Tanu-Lak or the inner house ruling planet is Rahu (8), it will represent the inner self of the native.

This will not be demonstrated and will not be external factors that will affect the native either given that it is not related to the ascendant.

(If it relates to the ascendant it means that it is both the inner self and external factors that are mentioned as well.)

The person that has neutral Rahu (8) in conjunction with the ascendant will make it impossible to suppress or weaken its influence even though Jupiter (5) is very powerful, or even it conjoins with the ascendant.

This is because it is the characteristics of the native. The Sun (1), Mars (3) will not be able to help much either. It can, therefore, be concluded that ascendant conjoined Rahu (8) is truly powerful.

Though neutral Rahu (8) will not make the native dishonest, it tends to make him/her become very shrewd or indulged in gambling. However, this is considered serious already since it could lead to debts and bankruptcy.

(Especially, when transiting Rahu becomes harmful in aggravation and the financial planet is not strong or in Marana Bhava since it will be a complete loss without any compensations)

Domicile dignity implies that the older the native gets the more-tricky, he/she becomes. Only pre-exaltation or better dignity will imply swindling. (See other planets for further confirmation as already mentioned)

Neutral dignity indicates that the native will not be tricky in general but is instead shrewd.

There are many case studies concerning Rahu (8) similar to this one.

Rahu (8) that is too powerful is not a good thing. (continued-1)

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