Rahu (8) that is not related to the ascendant. (Again)

Issues concerning Rahu has to be mentioned again since they are a lot and also important. Conjunction, opposition, sextile and trine relationship to the ascendant have all been explained.

It is also interesting to learn about the case of Rahu that is not ascendant-related. Some people may say that domicile or exaltation planet would not become negative despite ending up in Marana Bhava.

What does this mean? It is doubtful someone has completely understood this concept since it hasn’t been clarified for over ten years.

Today, it will be clarified in this topic.

Rahu (8) that is positive or neutral but not related to the ascendant is considered positive.

The reason is that it will make the native smart, shrewd and sophisticated. It can be exaltation, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation, domicile, etc. so that it would enhance the native’s intelligence without encouraging trickery and dishonesty.

It means that the native knows how to cheat but he/she would not do it. Even though the native decides to commit such deeds it would not be auspicious for him/her still. (Since it is not ascendant-related.)

The native may get caught. (But if Tanu-Lak conjoins with it, the native would be shrewd and tricky but it would not be auspicious still.)

In this case, the planet can be in any Bhava to give full benefits to the native in terms of hidden potential. Even though it is in Marana Bhava this would still apply.

The meanings of “Marana” has to be included only. This means that the native is normally a shrewd person and quite tricky too. (If the planet is positive.)

However, sometimes the native becomes naive and shrewdness just fades away all of a sudden.

As external factors, it represents stocks, lottery, and intoxication. Even though it is not auspicious for the native it can be beneficial according to the dignity of the planet.

If it is in Ari Bhava, it just implies that the native may not prefer to do it. If it is in Vinashana Bhava, it means that it will be consumed but with something in return.

It is only Marana Bhava that causes a sudden loss without compensation. Other Bhavas will neither be beneficial nor harmful since they are not auspicious.

In this case, if Jupiter (5) is related to the ascendant or is Tanu-Sed. It will become clear that the native would not cheat or indulge in all vices since virtues and mindfulness will always be presented.

If Rahu (8) is negative, namely detriment or debilitation and not related to the ascendant, in this case, it is obvious that the native will lack shrewdness and could not cheat anyone.

If Jupiter (5) is not related to the ascendant or is not Tanu-Sed, mindfulness would be lacking. Therefore, the native will be naive and easily tricked.

If Jupiter (5) is related to the ascendant or is Tanu-Sed, mindfulness would still be presented. As a consequence, the possibility of becoming naive and manipulated by others would become far less.

Although this case would not lead to being credulous since it is not related to the ascendant. (But if Tanu-Lak is in conjunction, it implies that it is possible to become credulous but not auspicious still.)

As external factors, it represents stocks, lottery, and intoxication. Aside from being deteriorated, it would not be auspicious either. The invested resources would be surely lost for nothing.

Rahu (8) would have effects like this. Other planets will also operate in the same way since they share the same principles. There has not been an exception, not a single one.

** Jupiter (5) represents virtues, softheartedness, sympathy, kindheartedness, and optimism. If Rahu (8) is weak it implies that the native would be easily taken advantage of since he/she is kind and softhearted.

The meanings of the planets are also at fault

Maha Chakra Rahu (8) is hard to predict.

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