A neutral Rahu is still vicious

Case study 02089

A male has the ascendant in Scorpio and Rahu in backward sextile in Lapha Bhava. Its dignity is truly neutral. Although the financial planet is Jupiter (5) that is pre-exaltation/detriment in Marana Bhava.

This is considered a serious case. Normally, money would not be an issue but huge losses have been occurred several times over without any compensation at all.

This is by the meanings of Marana Bhava, namely loss due to gambling.

The native does not cheat but is indulged in gambling. Moreover, planet 5 represents thoughtfulness and it is somewhat lacking.

When transiting Rahuin conjunction to the ascendant /original Rahu or relates to the original Rahu it will result in extreme indulgence.

If during that period transiting Jupiter (5) is not ascendant related to encourage thoughtfulness, it would usually result in heavy losses that have been occurred many times.

The native loses Everything in possession for the last time.

The house and land have been sold and the native is still in debt so that he/she must try to get away from it. It is uncertain when the native could recover from this.

Conclusively, Rahu is rather hard to understand.

Moreover, if planet 5 which represents thoughtfulness is not related to the ascendant and financial planet is negative or in Marana Bhava, it would be a concern.

Maha Chakra Rahu (8) is hard to predict.

Case study of Horoscope

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