Case Study 1111

Case Study 1111.- Doomed horoscope because of 2 pairs of Uranus (0) + Mars (3), etc.

This Leo native is female. She was successful in restaurant.

There were a hard-working Saturn (7), a diligent Mars (3), a deliberate Mercury (4) in relation to her ascendant (see Prediction of the career)

So it was in congenial to her work. Her Tanu-lak or inner-house planet is a Sun (1) as post-exaltation conjoining with friendly Jupiter (5) and kindred pair Venus (6) in Karma Bhava.

It caused her to be busy or working woman. When it combined with Mars in conjunction with an ascendent and also as her Tanu-sed, she was greatly diligent or workaholic.

Tanu-lak is a Sun (1) which has a good dignity as mentioned. Her inner horoscope is considered strong. But for the outer side that is a planet conjoining an ascendant, a Uranus (0) conjoining with Mars (3) which is a health and accident planet.

Therefore, the other half of her horoscope was considered weak and impaired by negative planets, for all of her life.

She died after a period of sickness. On that day, a Sun (1) and Mars (3) which are her inner and outer-house planet both were transiting into Pisces which is Marana Bhava for Leo and also conjoined with waiting Uranus (0).

A Uranus was waiting here for years. The transiting Jupiter (5) was going to Taurus which was not related to her ascendant. Therefore, there was no life-saving planet.

Her original Jupiter was also not related, so there was no helpful planet left. Her fate was at the weakest point. When she became sick, she easily died.

Remarks. – The planets 3 and 0 were in conjunction with an ascendant. Transiting Saturn (7) was exalted in forward sextile with negative effect. Transiting 3 and 1 were in Marana Bhava with transiting 0.

Also transiting and original 5 were not related to an ascendant. She died without any helping planet. (3, 1 were outer and inner-house planets.)

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