Scorpio ascendant died by accident

Transiting Saturn (7) came to conjoin an ascendant for less than 2 months.

He was just 15 years old with a sudden accident.

His horoscope was quite strong. A Jupiter (5) was transiting as an exaltation in trine with an ascendant.

But Mars (3) as Tanu-lak was in the same zodiac with Uranus (0) in trine with an ascendant.

Saturn (7) was in conjunction with an ascendant. A Uranus (0) was transiting in trine to an ascendant.

It was unbelievable, but it could happen when there were 2 pairs like this.

This information was from a real story. If anyone has any additional remarks or uses any other principle, should he try to check this case.

Notes. – Time of birth and death was acquired from his relatives. After calculation of his natal chart, his ascendant was unquestionably correct.

But these were only clues for it.

My first teacher had said that he understood every issue but the time of death was the most difficult thing to see.

Sometimes, a person with high probability of death survives, but someone dies easily without a clue.

But for me, there would be some clues.  The factors might not be many, but someone could die because of his varieties in horoscope.

Otherwise, when bad planets come, so many people will die altogether all around the world.

On the other hand, earthquakes, crashing planes or Tsunami could still kill any people with strong horoscope. It is considered really hard to correctly foretell the time of death.

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