If our lord of wealth is impaired, are we poor?

The domicile lord of Kadhumpa Bhava, even though it is impaired and/or it falls to Ari, Marana or Vinashana or there is a Uranus in this house, however, it does not mean that he must be poor.

But it only means that he could not keep his money or he will spend it all or keep spending it.

If his horoscope is strong, he might get a wealthy spouse or he could make good money but spend it all. But if it is not strong, there is a change that he will be really poor.

For a native who has an impaired lord of wealth, I suggest that you must not keep money and asset by yourself because it will be easy to spend to ruin it.

If you have any asset, you should put a name of your spouse or children on it. At lease you could buy a real estate to complicate a chance to spend cash.

If a lord of wealth is good. For domicile dignity, it will be gradualy stable and secure at your old age. For Maha Chakra, he will gain a large sum of money by a strange, adventurous way.

Even if a lord of wealth falls into Ari, Marana or Vinashana, he will not be poor or broke. He will easily spend it, but the money will come to him again like a big water spring.

Although he could not spend it all, but it causes him not to be secure in finance or he will not be rich as it should be. (Dignity and Bhava will differ the details.)

If a planet of spouse is in Marana, our partner will die?

Good Rahu (8) in backward sextile Labha Bhava could be ruined by stocks.

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