An impaired Venus (6), is beneficial anyway

Venus (6) is an art and lust. (Generally, someone said it is desire and wealth. Then, I do not know if Venus is good, it will have much or less desire.

Also, Kadhumpa Bhava is already a wealth. Why is a wealth here again?)

In the meaning of an art, an impaired Venus (6) is a disordered art, fascinated imagination or without art at all in daily life.

Many international and nation artists, after a natal calculation, they are found to have an impaired Venus (6). They often created strange, hard to understand art. (If Venus (6) is good, it will be exquisitely beautiful.)

When we know his life history, characteristics, finance, philosophy, virtue, fascination, we could estimate his ascendant without difficulty.

We could see that if Venus (6) is impaired but related to an ascendant, it is relatively beneficial.

But if it is not related to an ascendant, it will be nothing. Those people will have no imagination, will lack of artistic skills or talents. They could not create any work of art.

For an impaired planet, it is not congenial anyway but it is a long issue. I should explain to you on another day…alright.

Impaired planets are still beneficial.

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