Which job exactly for a Saturn (7)?

House, land, real estate is already correct.

But a lot of people interpret it in a way of law that the job must involve unmovable things.

For an astrological meaning, we could not strictly interpret it as a law.

It is only a statistic. It does not need to have a lot of reason.

Saturn (7), in a meaning of job or career, apart from a job for land, house, plantation and agriculture, could refer to job or career that is hard work or that requires a hard work and endurance.

A big ship is Saturn, a small one with hard work is also a Saturn. Automobile is Saturn, Automobile trading is more obvious Saturn. Because of its nature of selling parking cars, it is also a secured asset.

In an old time, they forbade us to start building a house or choosing a merit day of opening a house on Saturday. They were afraid of a hard work, damaging and suffering.

But for ship, launching it on water will be on Saturday. Since if the ship is working hard that would be profitable. If it keeps staying still, it will be deteriorating.

For a fishing, it is a hard working job. They have to be exposed to sun, wind, storm and working at night. During a daytime, they barely have a chance to rest. They risk their lives in the sea, so it is truly a job of Saturn (7) for everyone including employee, crew, captain or owner.

For shrimp farming, although they rent a land to do it, it requires a lot of hard work, all day and night. So, it is a job of Saturn (7). For the people who thought that shrimp farming is an easy administration job, it is a greatly misunderstanding.

For selling rice and curry, kitchen or restaurant work, is another hard working job that is considered to be of Saturn (7). People who lack of endurance or who are not patient could not possibly do it.

Resilience, hard working is a job for Saturn (7)

I told you early, so you could choose to work accordingly.

An impaired Venus (6), is beneficial anyway

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