The meaning of Uranus (0) (76)

The meaning of Uranus (0), Is an imaginary planet in Thai horoscope? It is considered an air element planet.

Has primary meanings of fluctuation, change, mysteries and incarcerating with spirits.

It is considered solely harmful and not beneficial at all.

When Uranus is in a Bhava it will cause changes within the Bhava.

If it is in Patni Bhava, it will cause change in partnerships.

If it is in Karma Bhava, it will cause change in work.

If it is in Kadhumpa Bhava it will cause financial leaks, loss in wealth or more spending.

When it is related to the ascendant it will affect the native’s emotions to become unstable and bizarre.

On the other hand, it may lead to having six sense that leads to the ability to see mysterious matters such as ghosts, angels or even the future.

(This applies for some people, not everyone. – Although the ones that do not have ascendant related Uranus (0) seem to have no such special abilities.)

Uranus (0) relates to the ascendant or relates to Tanu-Lak or relates to Mars (3) which signifies health. (Even though it is not related to the ascendant.)

These cases will make the native’s life become very unstable.

There will be a cause of disaster, deteriorated health or even an accident at any moment especially when there are several vicious transiting planets that are related to each other.

However, the relation: conjunction, opposition, sextile and trine, to the ascendant must also be considered.

Uranus (0) cannot be Tanu-Sed.

Ketu (9)

Is an imaginary planet in Thai horoscope? It is considered a soul element planet.

Has primary meanings of enhancing or suppressing other planets. If it relates to or conjoins with a positive planet the planet will be enhanced and become more positive.

On the other hand, when it relates to or conjoins with a negative planet the planet will become more negative. (Apply the principle of relation: conjunction, opposition, sextile and trine.)

Additionally, old textbooks consider this planet as a representation of lifespan.

If it conjoins with the ascendant and positive planet(s) in addition to the planet(s) in Tanu Bhava is strong, it can then be interpreted that the lifespan will be long. (There is not enough evidence to support this. It is only an observation.)

Ketu (9) cannot be Tanu-Sed.

** Short Summary-

It can be summarized once again that no matter what planet it is and what dignity it has, the same context of the meanings still applies.

Positive planets will imply neutral or positive meanings while negative planets (debilitation or detriment) will imply unusual meanings, namely either too much or too little. (Or even completely lacking in case it is not ascendant related.)

– For example, when the Sun is positive it implies that the native is full of honor or likes to do things in style.

On the other hand, when the planet is negative it implies that the native is full of non-existed pride. This can be considered as a foolish act.

A positive Venus (6) encourages good creativity and beautiful art. On the other hand, a negative Venus (6) implies fantasies, dreams and strange art. (This might be beautiful for some people.)

There are some examples of several national artists that have negative Venus that relates to the ascendant.

Saturn (7) is positive implies careful consideration and thorough thoughts while negative Saturn implies scattered thoughts and unreasonably too much consideration.

At some circumstances the native may be completely lack of consideration and carefulness. The same things apply for other planets etc.

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