Predicting the interaction between transiting planets (80)

Predicting the interaction between transiting planets and original planets

2.) Predicting the interaction between transiting planets and original planets

(Considering the impacts of transiting planets)

When a matter needs to be predicted the relevant Bhava has to be examined by considering every transiting planet that relates to that Bhava.

Start from the most beneficial planet and the most harmful planet and then proceed further to the second most beneficial planet and the second most harmful planet until all planets are involved accordingly.

Then consider the interactions between transiting planets and the original planets as well as the Bhavas starting from Tanu.

This step will describe the transiting planets that have powerful influence in order as follows:

Uranus (0)

Uranus (0) – is the second most vicious planet but it needs to be taken into account first since its presence lasts for 7 years.

It is a major planet whose influence is always harmful with no additional benefits.

Although it usually does not provide a harmful impact on its own. Instead it will disrupt and unstabilize the Bhava it is in.

If it is in conjunction or in opposition with Mars (3), the planet of health / calamity it will affect the well-being of the native no matter if it is a transiting planet or an original planet.

This may not occur at once but it will instead be ready to occur at the right circumstance. When there are several harmful transiting planets a certain incidence may occur.

Saturn (7)

The most vicious planet remains in a house for 2 and a half years. It is powerful in terms of benefits and harm.

(In case it is a transiting planet it could be mortally harmful or make life become full of troubles. It will either lead to a struggle at work or a serious disease. However, it may also be extremely beneficial.)

It is recommended to be examined in the second order. In case transiting Saturn becomes exaltation or Maha Chakra it can be extremely beneficial indeed.

On the other hand, it can also be extremely harmful as well. (Powerful Saturn that in conjunction to the ascendant is considered deadly.)

If it is related to its friendly pair Rahu (8) in the original horoscope it will be very beneficial with almost no penalty.

Meanwhile, negative Saturn is considered somewhat powerless and therefore slightly beneficial and slightly harmful.

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