Transiting Rahu (8) – (87)

Transiting Rahu (8) : Consideration

2.4) Consider Transiting Rahu (8)

It should be considered next since it is the 3rd vicious planet as well and remains in a house for 1.5 years.

It is considered very serious and has only harmful effects although it is not deadly. There is no exception even though it is related to Saturn (7) for either the original or transiting Saturn.

The harmful effects are usually in the way of indulgence, addictiveness, fraud, troubled with unimportant matters, lawsuits, imprisonment, etc.

Firstly, transiting Rahu (8) must be considered which house or Bhava it is currently in, whether it relates to the ascendant or not. Moreover, it should also be considered if it is related to Tanu-Lak.

The original Rahu (8) should be checked if it represents Tanu-Lak or a ruling planet from a house. Then the relations between the transiting Mars and various ruling houses should be checked (Kadhumpa Patni etc.) as well as the relations to other planets.

The degree percentage should also be evaluated accordingly. Although, the more important matters should be carefully looked into first.

Afterward, other related transiting planets can be taken into account before giving a verdict as in the following cases:

-Transiting Rahu (8) relates to the ascendant will affect Tanu Bhava, the native (The degree percentage depends on the relation: conjunction, opposition, sextile, trine as well as the dignity of the planet.)

In terms of frustration, troubles from unimportant matters, being cheated, indulgence that leads to financial losses, troubles with the family.

If the original Mercury (4) is conjoined with the ascendant, it will enhance the harmful effects further since it is hostile

As a result, the native may end up in jail or become handicapped. – Rahu (8) that conjoins with the ascendant will be quite harmful even though its friendly pair Saturn (7), kindred pair the Moon (2), elemental pair Mars (3) or any other planet is in conjunction with the ascendant.

-Transiting Rahu (8) that relates to Tanu-Lak will become as equally harmful as relating to the ascendant. If Tanu-Lak is its enmity pair Mercury (4) it will become even more harmful as in other cases.

-If Tanu-Lak is Rahu (8) and at the present transiting Rahu (8) is related to the original or transiting Uranus (0), it implies that the harmful effects are equal to the case of transiting Uranus (0) is related to the ascendant. (conjunction and opposition are very dangerous)

In case they are in conjunction with each other in marana Bhava it is considered the most dangerous case.

-Transiting Rahu (8) is in Kadhumpa Bhava if Rahu (8) is positive and there is no other planet in the Bhava it implies that wealth and fortune shall be gained.

However, the presence of the original Rahu (8) in this Bhava will imply that wealth will be deteriorated.

– The enmity pair Mercury (4) implies that wealth will be greatly deteriorated while other planets imply damaged wealth as well with a lesser degree.

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