Other transiting planets (89)

2.6) Consider other transiting planets (1, 2, 4, 6, 9)

Other transiting planets have the same principles in predicting. The only exception is that benefits and penalties are considered less. However, the following cases require extra attention. .-

-The planet in the original horoscope is Tanu-Lak (including ascendant-conjoined planet(s), although it is less important than Tanu-Lak) or a ruling planet of an important house such as Kadhumpa, Patni, etc.

-The dignity, no matter positive or negative will enhance or suppress other related planet’s influence. If it has its friendly pair the planet will become very beneficial and bring a great fortune.

(See predicting great fortune topic)

Predicting a specific topic according to the meanings of the planet

For instance, lust and imagination – consider Venus (6), speaking – consider Mercury (4), temper and anger – consider Mars (3), etc.

-Ketu (9) is a two-fold enhancing planet according to the original principle. Additionally, the ancient textbooks consider it as a lifespan planet.

(Not yet confirmed since there is not enough evidence. It is just an observation.)

** If it is a personal planet (outer house planet and/or Tanu-Lak), financial planet, or the ruling planet of Patni Bhava, it will be considered very important no matter how large or small the planet is.

It can affect the horoscope directly while other ruling planets usually considered having less importance accordingly.

Aside from that, it is beneficial without significant penalties. It will affect the properties and dignity of the planet + the meanings of the Bhava only.

Transiting Jupiter (5) – (88)

Predicting of financial fortune using transiting planets (additional) -(90)

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