Predicting of financial fortune using transiting planets (additional) -(90)

Concerning the importance of financial matters, it is second only to Tanu Bhava.

Therefore, transiting planets that represent financial matters is rather complicated. It is not yet obvious.

Though bad fortunes are usually accurate while good fortunes are not quite accurate based on the experience and existing data.

Aside from the principles that have been mentioned, further principles and information including observations will be explained to make them more clear.

When considering financial matters Kadhumpa Bhava has to be taken into account first.

The ruling planet of Kadhumpa Bhava becomes the most significant planet. (Comparable to Tanu-Lak for financial Bhava)

When this planet becomes a transiting planet in a Bhava and relates to another planet both in the original and the transiting natal chart, it will affect the change in finance in terms of gaining and losing wealth.

On the other hand, the planet(s) in Kadhumpa Bhava in the original natal chart that becomes transiting planets will also have significant effects.

However, their influence altogether is still less important than the ruling planet’s influence. (The principles are the same for other Bhavas.) Therefore, they are not emphasized as much.

In this step, the transiting planets will be divided into 2 cases as gaining wealth and losing wealth to clarify the explanation from another perspective as follows:

In case of gaining wealth

Aside from the case “Predicting Great Fortune” which is a separate topic, there are general observations as follows:

– The transiting ruling planet of Kadhumpain conjunction to its friendly pair, elemental pair, or kindred pair in the original natal chart in any Bhava (including Marana Bhava).

This usually indicates an increase in wealth. (more special than normal) The more positive dignity the transiting planet has the more wealth will be gained.

It will be quite certain especially when it in conjunction to its friendly pair. Other pairs will imply less certainty.

Moreover, opposition, sextile, and trine will have a lesser impact and indicate only an increase in wealth but not a great fortune. (See the next chapter)

– The transiting ruling planet of Kadhumpa becomes exaltation, Maha Chakra, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation in any Bhava.

This indicates there is an opportunity in gaining wealth. (Domicile dignity and others are not very powerful and therefore unlikely to increase wealth.)

There is some confirming information for instance. A native has the ascendant in Scorpio and Jupiter (5) is the ruling planet of financial house. When transiting Jupiter (5) has a positive dignity and relates to the ascendant it usually implies an increase in wealth.

-Transiting Saturn (7) or Rahu (8) is in Kadhumpa that is previously empty and is exaltation, Maha Chakra, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation indicates that there is an opportunity to gain wealth.

(Saturn remains in a house for 2.5 years. There is a chance to gain a large amount of fortune only once.)

However, when there are already planets in Kadhumpa it will instead indicate wealth loss or damaged.

(Although when transiting Saturn overlaps with Rahu in Kadhumpa it implies wealth gain. On the other hand, transiting Rahu that overlaps with Saturn will instead indicate wealth loss.

This is because Rahu is usually harmful even though it relates to its friendly pair.)

– Other planets that transit into Kadhumpa and are exaltation, Maha Chakra, pre-exaltation, or post-exaltation indicates an opportunity for wealth gain.

** This is a piece of collected information from observation and it covers only the cases of gaining wealth more than usual only (Not a great fortune).

It is worth noticing that a ruling planet that transits into Kadhumpa Bhava will not lead to wealth gain even though it has domicile dignity. (Maybe because domicile is rather steady and slow and not powerful enough.)

However, friendly pair, elemental pair and kindred pair will lead to wealth gain even in marana Bhava. Exaltation, Maha Chakra, pre-exaltation, post-exaltation indicates an opportunity to gain wealth.

Aside from those cases will not lead to wealth gain.

This would be entrusted to you to observe and collect further data to increase the prediction precision.

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