Summarization on Transiting Planets (93)

Transiting planets are very important.

Based on the present information it is known that no matter how strong the horoscope is, there is always a chance of peril.

Even though negative planets are not very harmful at that moment and the financial planet is positive, bankruptcy may still occur given that transiting Saturn (7) in conjunction to the ascendant.

(If the financial planet is positive it implies that this financial crisis is recoverable while negative financial planet implies the opposite.)

Some horoscopes indicate death cases but the natives are still alright which is very hard to understand.

Meanwhile, negative transiting planets that are harmful can be reliably suppressed by Jupiter. Additionally, predicting a great fortune is considered quite accurate.

Therefore, predicting transiting planets should hold a neutral tone which is neither too positive nor negative. Suggestions and cautions are encouraged while the rest will be up to the native to decide.

Do not forget that predicting transiting planets has around 50 percent accuracy only.

(However, according to this subject’s way it can be guaranteed that the accuracy is higher. The data is collected from the real experience of many people as a basis.)

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