Ending Conclusion (96)

“Astrology Thai Logical Style” (Thai Astrology with logical reasoning) that has been described from the beginning to this point has explained the basic principles of the subject,

common principles and methods, the meanings of the planets, combining the meanings of the planets, analyzing the planets, comparing the planets, predicting the basic horoscope, as well as predicting the transiting horoscope (predicting the transiting planets).

These cases have been explained through the most crucial contents and therefore the theoretical part has been concluded for both the original and the transiting horoscope.

The next chapter will be an Appendix that will support and extend the subject only.

There will be examples of horoscope predicting based on real experience to further increase the understanding of this subject.

Moreover, explanations of other matters and general matters will also be included. Lastly, questions and answers that have been asked by people will also be included to clarify any doubts or unclear points.

It would be appropriate to repeat that Astrology is not everything in life and therefore do not rely on it so much that you become unreasonable and credulous.

It is instead recommended that Astrology is used for its benefits only.

Moreover, this subject will help you understand things even more as well as using reasons to distinguish, compare and analyze without memorizing any exceptions.

It would be very useful in socializing with others, since no one would not prefer a person who possesses Astrological knowledge.

It would only become a charming topic for a good conversation depending on how deep understanding of the subject you possess.

Most importantly, you will learn important moments in life, knowledge of your peers, colleagues, including your children and subordinates. It is vastly useful depending on what you want to know.

Hopefully, this textbook will become useful for the readers to gain ideas and knowledge that will later proof beneficial for the reader and others to a certain degree.

Lastly, may all the ones that are interested in this subject become successful in “Astrology Thai Logical Style”.


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